Biden’s New Illegal Alien Program Circumvents Congress to Destroy the USA


The Biden administration is implementing an illegal program to bring in relatives of illegal aliens into the United States. It’s the Central American Minors Program. The program never went through Congress.

It’s another way of overburdening our nation with people who do not share our values. We don’t even know which ones are criminals, terrorists, cartel leaders.

Biden and his allies are the dirt of the earth.

America First Legal is suing these demons.

It doesn’t end there. The assault on our nation is multi-pronged but relies on illegal immigration.

As we reported, Rob Astorino, a former gubernatorial candidate, secured tapes of illegal aliens being flown into Westchester in the dead of night. They are allegedly children but they are grown men as the officer in the clip states. The pilot explains that they are destroying America. These people are being shipped to a number of towns, especially to towns like the home of MS-13 -Brentwood- which is housed on the conservative end of Long Island.

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