Dr Fauci shoots off he mouth again, makes black people into victims


Creepy, political-Left Dr. Anthony Fauci, our country’s top infectious disease bureaucrat, is shooting off his mouth again. He’s making black people into victims again and claiming COV showed the racism in our society.


We should look at data but blacks have obesity and co-morbidities like that which have nothing to do with white people. It’s not because America is racist.

Fauci is a troublemaker and should be more concerned with the gain-of-function research that he continually lies about. Black people are as competent as anyone else. It’s sickening to hear them put down as if everything and everyone is against them because of the color of their skin, an irrelevant attribute in itself. They are perfectly capable people.

Black people have suffered through racism and there still is racism, but most normal people are way past that. It’s demeaning to blacks to constantly make them into victims. The idea that they can’t manage their health because they are victimized makes them look incompetent or totally unaware.

It is the same as saying they can’t get a voter ID. That’s very insulting. While it’s mostly just a mechanism for Democrats to get what they want, it’s an unethical way to do it.

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USA 🇺🇸 The insanity continues… Fauci now says the Plandemic, has opened our eyes to Racism. Covid has now merged with Climate Change, Racism and a New Normal, the 3 big themes of The Cabal, and still, People deny there is an agenda.👊 pic.twitter.com/vphFHF9w5j

— ✖️GAME➕OVER✖️ (@umustrise) May 17, 2021

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