Dr Hatfill says the “press running medicine…is not right”


Dr. Steven Hatfill is an adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Tropical Medicine at George Washington University and co-author of Three Seconds Until Midnight, which has turned out to be a case of incredible timing.

Sharyl Attkisson interviewed him about Hydroxychloroquine and the heavy-handed censorship of news about it and the pandemic by social media companies.

The famous pandemic doctor said “lives were lost” because of an unwarranted press campaign against Hydroxychloroquine. “Why are the press running medicine in the United States,” he asked, “this is not right.”


Medical journals recently retracted statements that Hydroxychloroquine, used for decades, is dangerous.

A recent study finds that the drug lowers the death rate. The much-touted Remdesivir is only good for those who would recover anyway.

Dr. O’Neill in the same interview discussed the two drugs:

Sharyl: Camps largely divided along political lines. Many right-leaning media figures sided with hydroxychloroquine while the left-leaning press backed remdesivir. Each accusing the other of ignoring real science.

Dr. William O’Neill: I’ve never seen science politicized in 40 years of practice.

Sharyl: Cardiologist Dr. William O’Neill is a medical director at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan where they’re studying both remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine.

Some people in the media are treating hydroxychloroquine as if it’s something that’s being pitched by charlatans, it’s dangerous, and that’s been debunked and discredited. What do you make of that?

Dr. O’Neill: I think that’s very harmful. President Trump touted it early and so then the media set out to disprove and discredit it without any regard for science. I think those of us that are actually involved in the scientific endeavor feel that there is some value to it and it has to be tested.

Sharyl: Dr. O’Neill says he’s prescribed hydroxychloroquine to help numerous coronavirus patients and saw improvement in all of them. He’s less impressed, so far, by remdesivir.

Dr. O’Neill: There’s a lot of hype for the drug. I saw the original new England Journal article study and I saw the Lancet study and to me it’s just like a big Ho Hum. I just don’t see a big benefit to it.

Yet, the media and social media are censoring along what appears to be political lines.



  1. Remember, Zero cases, Zero deaths. We can’t have herd immunity. We can only have “vaccine immunity”. So, tell me. WHO is the charlatan.

  2. Well that was no surprise. The talk now is using Covid as a prelude to the upcoming Flu season. If This starts to take off then the same policies enacted for Covid will transfer to the Flu season. I had a suspicion This would be the case, and it’s beginning.

  3. This goes to an idea I had about a class action lawsuit against the media. Where does freedom of speech, freedom of the press end, and legal liability begin?

    In articles critical of the media’s censoring and demonizing of HCQ for political purposes, I have often seen the comment “people have died” as a result.

    I posted the idea of a class action lawsuit on Parler and it got quite a few upvotes. If you think it deserves a shot, spread it around. If it goes viral, gains enough traction, maybe someone will take it on.

    I think they should be held accountable. But, I don’t know if it’s doable, I don’t know the legalities here, but when someone knows certain things, and their actions or inaction, or if they don’t pursue due diligence, regarding that knowledge, and it results in harm to someone, are they not liable?

    They cannot be shamed ethically, morally. But they understand money. They deserve to be sued. Bigly

  4. I can’t believe how retarded the people and media, that campaign against Hydroxychloroquine, are!!!!!!!!
    Regardless of their political affiliation they should understand that if they’re sick this treatment is a game changer for themselves as well.
    Not only great for Covid but Hydroxychloroquine combined will address digestive protozoa or systemic blood infection of Babesia which many have. See lyme-disease and co-infections.
    Babesia is a cousin of malaria that exists everywhere there’s animals(from mice to dear) and arthropod vectors(like mosquitoes, horse flies, ticks and so on.)
    Did you know that one third of the fatal blood transfusions is due to Babesia?
    The screening of the donated blood is a joke.
    So I would say to the inbreds to keep fighting against Hydroxychloroquine so they get what they deserve when getting sick.
    Moronic inbreds!!!!!
    Trump was right and fights even for those inbreds that don’t promote Hydroxychloroquine.
    How ridiculous this situation.
    This Covid masquerade just shows how corrupted the medical system is and For Profit Only.
    And the other inbred Gates is neck deep involved in this corruption and Covid creation.
    As his ex Microsoft partner Allan said, he’s a schemer and a scammer.
    Guillotine for them!!!!

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