Roger Stone said Mueller lawyer suggested lying for freedom


Roger Stone, the Trump ally who had his sentence commuted, was interviewed by Sean Hannity last night. Stone made an allegation that should be investigated. he said that as time went on during his probe, the Mueller team realized they had no case against Trump. That is when Hillary-donor Jeannie Rhee, who he said has all the charm of a North Korean prison guard, suggested that in exchange for Roger “re-remembering” certain phone conversations with President Trump — if he would “confess” — he could possibly be free.

The Mueller team was looking for corroboration on some calls to indict the President. Roger said he couldn’t lie.

Doug Schoen, his criminal defense attorney, said there should be a win on an appeal, but they haven’t decided to go ahead. Schoen said there were three problems with the Stone case that the President recognized. First, Mueller’s probe was corrupt to the core. Andy Weissman is the most corrupt prosecutor Schoen said he has ever come across. Second, the trial was unfair. Mr. Stone wasn’t even allowed to question the legitimacy of the trial — “unprecedented,” Schoen said. Third, not granting an extension to his prison stay given COVID, was also wrong.


Brit Hume said that people appalled by the Stone commutation should remember their own pardons and commutations.

Watch the full Stone video:

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