Dr. Malone: This Is Who Runs the Government and the Globalist Movement


We hear the term Deep State used often, but Deep State is nothing more than the administrative state, also known as the SES or the Senior Executive Service. They are the executive bureaucrats in civil service.

The SES was created in 1979 under the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 under then-President Jimmy Carter.

Half are filled by career appointees, and the rest are filled by career or political appointees. They have their own salary scales, and firing them is almost impossible. They run the federal workforce, and the executive branch. Dr. Malone says they run the government.

Dr. Robert Malone
Globalist Control of the Government

Malone also believes the FBI and DOJ are an arm of the administrative state. It’s integrated with HHS, the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, the EU and the UN. These are people who believe in centralization, and Bill Gates is absolutely a channel for all that.

Globalists Also Control the Money

He also went into the three companies controlling the money and the families that own them — Vanguard, Black Rock, and State Street. They control the corporations. When you see that, you see the harmonization of government, Big Tech, finance, media. They own all the banks. They are all divisions of one large company.

These same people who go to Davos once a year, also go to China. They re as much in bed with the CCP as the West. Investments are no longer tied to the US. They are transnational and they only exist for a return of investment. They have no morals and they are so powerful, they control government and have no ties to the idea of a nation-state.

The folks living in this new world order see the idea of a nation state as archaic and ineffective. These people driving all this live in a global world, totally separate from the world most of us live in.

He doesn’t know how much is puppetry and how much is emergent and incompetence. But there is no doubt there is incompetence and manipulation. This is a group of people who operate way above our pay grade and compete with each other for resources and control. He believes there is utilitarianism with Marxism involved. Their logic seems to be they need deep knowledge of every individual to complete their vision.

He ends with nudge theory and WOKEism.

This is crazy but when he gets done, you might well believe it.

There is evil in the world.

Dr. Malone Explains:

The Great Reset Is a Real Book, a Manual of Sorts

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
3 months ago

The sinister fiend George Soros is nothing more than the common wart-hog bathing in mud puddles next to the vicious people-hating ANAL SWAB.

3 months ago

The Deep State Bureaucrats are an Illegal fourth branch of Government. In 3rd World Countries the Military is behind coups, but in 1st World Countries it’s the Bureaucrats. Bureaucracies exist for the Bureaucracy, not for the People. The fastest way to do away with the Bureaucracy is to amend the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978. Allow the President (White House) to fire any Management Level Bureaucrat in the Government at any time for any reason and we can get control of the Bureaucrats. Once we get control, only then can we begin to dismantle the Deep State. Congress is scared of the Bureaucrats, it will take a President like Trump who is willing to fire people.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 months ago

Malone is very smart and is now speaking up in general. The existence of an elitist movement is undeniable. That’s why corporations like AT&T are forcing jabs and giving reparations classes. Corporations are not going to do such things for the business. Boards are infiltrated and high finance is ruthless.

John Vieira
3 months ago

We have been down this road before…with the escalation of the “proxy war” and reckless encouragement of the ‘facist regime’…ten thousand years from now our descendants, if any, will be drawing on cave walls…