Rep. Greene Discusses the Swatting That Could Have Gotten Her Killed


Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke with Right Side Broadcasting Network’s Brian Glenn on Saturday evening. During the interview, she discussed the two swatting incidents she endured within hours of each other.

She said she almost took her AR-15 to the door but something inside her told her not to do it. It was a “really strong feeling, and I thought twice about it.”

It’s good she didn’t. The police might well have killed her, which is what the person(s) swatting wanted. The swatter told police the shooter was a woman with a gun.

The swatting was because she sponsored a bill to protect children from gender-affirming care that includes puberty blockers and mutilation surgeries on minors.

The Leftist who did it literally tried to get her killed.

Rep. Greene praised the police who came to her door.

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