Dr. Pinsky tells the hysterical media to just “shut up!”


The  Leftist ‘mainstream’ media isn’t completely censoring the daily presidential press briefings, but they are asking absurd gotcha questions and then ripping into him in articles they write about the presser. Additionally, they are making the virus more terrifying than it is in reality.

During an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Dr. Drew Pinsky was asked about the media’s pandemic coverage.

He said he wants the media to “shut up” and stop “whipping up further panic and chaos.” They are over the top.

We aren’t saying Dr. Pinsky knows it all, but doesn’t he have a point?

When this first started, he recalled a reporter saying, ‘We have a staggering number of cases…we have seven thousand cases.’ And I thought, oh my god, you need to shut up, because this is going to go way higher,” Pinsky, an internal medicine and addiction specialist.

Pinsky said that if everyone in the media freaked out about a relatively small number of cases,  “what are we going to call a million?”

“Look we have 24 million flu cases in this country, every year, thirty thousand deaths. What do you call those numbers?” He explained. “And this is going to be comparable, or worse, or who knows.

“So, shut up, because you are only going to panic people,” he scolded. “And they ensued, and are continuing to spin this thing in ways I think are disturbing.”

He has a problem with the ‘panic’ the media is stirring up.

Dr. Pinsky was wrong in January and early February, but so was Dr. Fauci through January. People just didn’t know. We were lied to by China and the World Health Organization.

China needs to be cut out of our supply chain and we need to look at immigration from China as long as these wet markets exist as is.


The virus is bad, don’t misunderstand me here, but the media’s nuts. Words like “terrifying” from one upset nurse, “alarming, astounding, stunning,” and predictions like the ‘Green Effect might be disastrous’ or noting famous people dying without mentioning the 81-year-old was sickly, and omitting the co-morbidities when someone dies, are all aimed at clicks. The truth is we don’t know the numbers.

The models were wrong and continue to be wrong, more are labeled COVID deaths than actually are COVID deaths, we have no idea how many people have it or had it. We don’t have a numerator or a denominator. We have a drastically inaccurate number of people who recovered.

The drama isn’t necessary. These media people want clicks over just reporting facts.

It is getting stressful reading the papers or watching TV, and it’s not even accurate.


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