Drew Brees puts accused rapist’s name on his helmet as does the team


My name is Angela and I am the victim of sexual assaults by a pedophile and, as a victim, I am deeply offended that Drew Brees would run around with ‘Jacob Blake’ emblazoned across his helmet. Blake is accused of raping, humiliating, and terrorizing his ex-girlfriend. Until that is settled, you would think he’d support no one or even promote peace.

Instead, he is getting in the middle of a case that is not so clear cut in support of a man who possibly sexually assaulted a woman.

What kind of person is Drew Brees? Does he think at all about who is supporting?

That’s not all. The Saints team decided to pay tribute to Blake during practice by wearing his name on their helmets, according to Pro Football Talk.

While I don’t know the outcome of the rape case or if the police officer is guilty of anything, I do know they should wait before they pay tribute to a potential rapist. As a woman, I know that.

Drew Brees and his teammates are disgusting, not cooking.



  1. After 29 years our group of btw 24 and 32 people decided to cancel our fantasy football league as virtually EVERY person said they will not be watching in light of the BLM crap. And now, seeing the coward drew Brees supporting a criminal it only supports our position. I have watched 8 seconds of basketball and have not watched my dodgers since the sit out last week, nor will I. Lots of good books to read and movies to watch in the evenings. This is disgusting.

    • You are not alone. 2020 although goingto be remembered for many things will also be the year that professional sports died in this country. They will limpalong and some will forget and return to watching the thugs and the intimidated sheeple like brees but it will never be th same. Organizations that defend accused sexual assaulters and violent marxists like BLM and ANTIFA are done with a good portion of the fan base.

    • Same here. It is nothing short of disgusting. I have to do some shopping as I refuse to wear any sport team apparel. It currently accounts for half of my wardrobe.

      • Same here I’ve been a saints fan since 1967, I literally have over 50 saints shirts but I will not be wearing any saints gear, EVER AGAIN and as I’ve written to saints HQ, I told them that the saints fans have been embarrassed by the saints many times in the past but never for supporting a sexual deviant thug criminal. It’s pretty incredible a league with a history of abusing women are going hero worship a rapist, goodell the liar and the nfl have lost they’re freaking minds.

    • Either Drew Breese is a coward and wants to be “liked” by BLM and black players or he is super
      STUPID. Never watched professional ball games so sad to not be able to say I am quiting.

  2. A rapist is shot for resisting arrest , ignoring commands and reaching for a weapon. In the name of a resisting rapist, at least four dead, countless injuries, hundreds of millions in property damage and looting and virtue signaling by thoroughly disgusting athletes and celebrities in support of the rioting looting and killing. All because their side lost and we are not willing to give our United States of America to a bunch of power hungry lying democRats. Drew brees is a monumentally stupid fool and he and his rascist buddies can pound sand

    • Professional football was just barely beginning to get their fans back after kneeling for the national anthem. Now they’ve embraced rioters, criminals and rapists, apparently believing the NBA and MLB are who they should emulate. Professional sports are now officially dead by suicide. College sports are not far behind. Perhaps they can all move to China as they’ve amply demonstrated their allegience to all things degenerated. Drew Brees has no convictions of his own – just a coward like the diners in the restaurant who cowered and held their fists up, all the time meekly looking at their plates rather than making eye contact. That’s professional sports today. Big bodies, small brains, cowards.

      • I think that many, way too many who are swearing off watching any of the sports, will go the way of many people trying to give up any bad habit. Going in it’s all “gung-ho”, and easy. A little while later, withdrawal sets in, and it gets more difficult, until without any “sponsors” like AA, they fall of the wagon. Maybe an organization called “Sportsaholics Anonymous could be started to help them stay on the wagon. Maybe the way it’s been going, this year will prove to be the “Straw that broke the camel’s back”, and the wagon will stay full.

        • Most Americans have a very short memory. They swear off buying or supporting something and then a couple months later they’ve forgotten all about it. Sad, but true. When I make a decision, I stick with it. I don’t call it boycott, though. If I decide I’m never going to buy something again, it’s just a decision I’ve made. When I decided to never watch football again, it’s just a choice I made.

          • Not this Proud American!! I swore off the Dixie Chicks years ago for the traitors they are and haven’t listen to them since. So when I say no NFL in this house, THERE WILL BE NO NFL. Unfortunately you are right to an extent, some people don’t have the backbone it takes to stand behind their convictions. But I’m not one of them. I say what I stand for, I stand for what I say!

      • I stopped watching professional sports when the NFL kneeling began and do not miss it now. It is disgusting that they have conspired to ruin the respite we had from everyday life in the name of politics. They miss that we have loved sports as a means to get away from politics, problems, stupidity in life, etc…..

    • Avid NFL fan all my life. I very much doubt I will be able to stomach a single game this year. I’ll miss my beloved sport very much. But the grievous, foolish politicizing of players, teams, anthems, halftimes, commercials and midweek commentaries is just awful. You left me, I’m now leaving you.

    • Does anyone know if the jaguars are doing this bs? The only thing that got me this far through the year is the thought of watching Gardner Minshew make them a better team.

  3. Time to boycott all of these overpaid crybaby morons. Let the NFL and NBA die. What will these idiots do then, they certainly cannot get a real job the overpays them millions.

  4. I agree with the article. I doubt there will be any trial for Jacob Blake however since the case has been politicized and Jacob Blake is being cast as the victim of police brutality despite resisting arrest and apparently being armed with a knife.

  5. Goodby football!! We too all cancelled our fantasy! Not supporting these losers. We don’t support BLM but everyone’s opportunity for life!! Start standing against the daily murders of black on black crime and we can then entertain your idea that black lives matter, or that you care about any lives!! A bunch of cry babies that will soon be unemployed and learning how normal people make a living!!

  6. To see Drew back away form the flag his grandfather fought under and see him sticking up for accused rape suspect just does make any since. fear is all I can say. Making discsions from a point of fear is cowardly at best. You lost me and so many others. Now you are gonna lose millions you fool. Millions of red blooded Americans will not watch you any more. We are done with pro sports. you lose because of your FEAR!!!

  7. Like Pete Carroll, Drew Brees knows their jobs and careers depend on pandering or else. They have sold their souls to the BLM movement and radical socialism to stay in good graces with their teammates and league. I’m waiting for one current athlete to retire and denounce this bs. Are they now going to ban hall of fame induction due to not towing the left’s hatred of America mantra? Watch Jason Whitlock’s total takedown of LeBron.

  8. We constantly hear the names of those men who were criminals who got shot, but no one is mentioning little, innocent Cannon Hinnant.
    He is not being forgotten–he’s being ignored.
    No one is asking for riots on his behalf, but we’re not even talking about what happened to him. Those of you who know computers more than I do, I wish you would go everywhere and post pictures of that little face with a remembrance of him. Don’t let them mourn shady individuals while innocents die.
    Why isn’t HIS name on someone’s helmet?

    • Cannon wasn’t a felon. He doesn’t matter to BLM, the MLB, NBA, the NFL and Drew Breese and hii group of cowards. Professional athletes have pretty much exposed themselves as a group of prostitutes – willing to give themselves to any cause, no matter how perverted it is, just as long as you pay them enough.

    • Cannon does NOT fit the corrupt MSM’s agenda…their silence IS deafening…also anyone who dares to stand up to or defend themselves from the low life criminals that the said MSM idolizes is automatically ascribed terms like bigot, racist etc., The report that one of the co-founders of blm was convicted of “trafficking ( modern day SLAVE TRADING) is noticeably absent in the MSM also…

  9. To show their support for the Marxist BLM, antifa and their criminal martyrs, all sports teams should ‘permanently’ walk off the field and continue kneeling to the mob. That would show their ‘former fans’ they mean business!

  10. I quit watching couple of years ago when the kneeling started. Looks like colleges are now determined to destroy themselves also. Oh Well. Sad that one group of people can destroy so miuch that the we all used to enjoy, talk about continuously, live and breathe and not we will not even care. At least there is still golf.

  11. College athletes , generally, are not educated. From their time in high school and through college they have always been treated differently than true high school and college students – their job was not to learn but to show up for games that put tens of millions in the coffers of the universities who ’employed ‘ them. Listening to any of them is like listening to any fool who only has a 9th grade education.

  12. He’s “thinking” like a liberal now. He got busted speaking without thinking so what does he do? He kneejerks and now reacts like a liberal. This is what happens when you let pop culture make decisions for you like a liberal.

  13. I cut back on all professional sports last year, except for my NFL team’s games. No more! I have no more interest whether they win lose, or beat each other to death.

  14. Hopefully professional sports will lose so much value that the salaries and costs will come down significantly. When the players and staff start earning a much more reasonable wage then maybe we will get individuals who play for the love of the sport and competition and are able to earn a livign wage. Right now the salaries are ridiculous. All major league sports are overpriced and are due for a financial “correction”.

    • Too late. Pro sports are dead. Plenty of other good things to do to take their place. Read a book, play a game with friends and family. Take a drive and explore the beauty around you. Do some genealogy work and discover your ancestors and their stories that make you who you are. Take your family to the local Little League field with a few other families and play a game. Why watch a bunch of knuckleheads with only a 9th grade TRUE education, who make millions and who have no values of their own, play a sport for kids? WASTE OF TIME ! ! !

  15. Why not put all the dead criminals, who wouldn’t comply with a police directive, on your helmet. Freddie Grey, Brooks, George Blake etc. The oly name should be Breonna’s.

    • We don’t know the full story of Breonn yey. We do know a few things more now than what the MSM have reported, though. Her boyfriend was a big time drug dealer who owned several drug houses, each with other girlfriends. She lived with her boyfriend at one of his drug houses. It’s unknown if she knew what the BF was involved in but she did let him use her bank account to launder tens of thousands in cash. She also let him use her car to apparently pick up his drug deliveries. The cops did not go to the wrong house, they went to his place. We also know the BF fired first and a shootout ensued occurred as a result. No-knock warrents are horrible and need to be abolished yesterday. If someone broke down my door in the middle of the night I’d come up shooting too. The BF should NOT be tried for murder. Nor should anyone lose their life over drugs. If no-knock raids weren’t legal perhaps Breonna would be alive today.

  16. Let them live on ticket sales and eliminate or cap the subsidized salaries they get from TV advertising tax breaks. Most of the MSM propaganda would be eliminated because who would actually pay for their bigoted, intolerant, and lawlessness promoting programming.

  17. NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL have just completed the dumbest business suicide imaginable. These boneheads haven’t the brain power of a knat. I can somewhat understand the stupidity of the NBA and the NFL, the collective I.Q. of these leagues is roughly 85% and that’s being gratuitous. As for the NHL 99% of those morons haven’t the sense to realize the major leagues are bleeding fans faster than lightning. The NHL has been a fringe sport for decades even though it is the fastest most physically demanding and exiting sport. A golden one time only opportunity to showcase their sport is being squandered on the nebulous alter of political correctness. To characterize all of these sports as moronic only serves to infuriate the vast majority of sports fans who will recognize the gross hypocrisy and tnue out.

    • Funny, you call out stupidity and yet can’t spell gnat.

      And then you use “gratuitous,” (as in gratuitous violence), in place of “gracious.” As in you were being “gracious” when you stated that their “collective IQ is roughly 85%.” Not I, but some may wonder, which league do you play in?

      You might also check which alter/altar you mean, you’ve got the wrong one, your alter is a verb, as in modify, or adjust, like you alter your suit, you don’t altar it, and you don’t place anything on an alter, but you can put something on an altar.

      To avoid such mistakes, something you’d probably want to do, especially when accusing folks of being stupid, and of a low IQ, you might want to triple check your work before you hit the “send” button, but I’d just be hazarding a guess.

      PS – Yes, I saw the “tnue” typo, but felt that is just that a typo, at least you got the correct letters, and after 3 mistakes, you could use a break… lol… all the best.

      The fine print:
      This comment is intended for entertainment purposes only, no harm is meant to anyone other than easily triggered snowflakes, let’s face it, they can’t help themselves anyway, and void where prohibited, as in your local university’s “safe-space(s).”

  18. Possibly the BLM movement people can fill up the stands but probably some issues deciding what bathroom to use. Will they demand free tickets and free parking because of past injustices?

  19. So glad to read these comments…….I have been saying BOYCOTT all these sports, Starbucks, etc that are supporting this crap……let them rot in bankruptcy. These half-wits make millions of dollars playing a game…..send them home where they can work for what they are really worth….minimum wage.

  20. There is a serious problem in the USA and that is satanism and cowardice. The leftists, marxists, globalists, socialists, communists are filled with satanists, just look at bill gates and his wife. The Middle of the Road are filled with cowards and the supposed right also has its share of cowards. Drew Brees is a coward. Should of stood firm earlier against the antifa/blm anti-american idiots. He didn’t and that shows his true self.

  21. If Drew really believed in his original stance (Pro America) he would have taken a stand and retired instead of being embarrassed THIS way!!

  22. If Drew Brees supports and now evidently will venerate a a rapist, and a pedophile criminal, then I believe his own children are in danger from him. It’s only one step from supporting a pedophile to becoming a pedophile.

  23. I stopped watching the Negro Felon League 8 years ago. Best decision I’ve made. Sitting there rooting for a bunch of hood-rats is like worshipping the image of the beast. I don’t miss it.

  24. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but given Jacob Blake’s past, his name might not be the best choice. How about one of the children that were killed this Summer? Devell Gardner. Jamari Ricks. Even David Dorn who served his community for decades. People should do their homework and get details before they choose to represent someone or something.

    I am sorry for the Blake family.

  25. The hypocrisy of organized sports sickens the soul of civilized people.

    Joe Paterno was a pedophile who raped hundreds of young boys over his 50 years as Head Pervert at Pedophile State University, Sorry that COVID-19 will prevent Ped State from playing the University of Sodom in the annual NAMBLA Bowl, scheduled for the Jeffrey Epstein Field at University Park. Jerry Sandusky, former Defensive Coach and Joe Paterno’s right hand man (the very thought of the sick actions in which these two perverts participated retches the soul) was not only accused, but tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison for his PSU financed and supported child rapes.

    Many Paterno worshippers regarded Jerry Sandusky as a god after the 1986 Fiesta Bowl. Sandusky could have chosen a Head Coach position at any top level collegiate football program, except people knew that he and Paterno enjoyed small boys and watching kiddie porn. The Penn State Creamery for many years offered the ‘Sandusky’- an inverted waffle cone covered with chocolate sauce with a scoop of peach ice cream on each side. Sandusky retired only because Pedophile State sought to avoid liability, but Sandusky (and Paterno) continued the grooming and raping of young boys.

    Penn State continues to traffick in the child sex exploitation criminal enterprise. PSU bribed former FBI Director Louis Freeh to whitewash the scandal, and then bribed former US Senator George Mitchell (who visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Fantasy Island multiple times, according to FAA records) to reduce PSU’s penalty.

    The world knows now that Penn State, the ‘Sanctuary City for Pedophiles’, and football generally, represents the most vile, corrupt, and darkest evils.

  26. NFL(national felons league) has been dead to me for a while. Ever since the Colon started his kneeling routine and got the other butthurt players to do the same. Then, along came BLM(black lies matter) and basically threatened the other “pro” sports to dishonor the Flag and the National Anthem. Now, so it seems, all the other leagues have gone along with all the hoopla.
    So many dead sports, so many traitors to the nation and the law-abiding citizens who supported the teams who entertained them, now there are none left who are honorable. Or, think for themselves. What a shame.
    That’s okay for me. I was never a total sports nut, thought there was better things to do with my time and hard earned money.
    Now, I really don’t care who is playing, or racing, or whatever. I just know there are a bunch of overpaid, undereducated, soon to be out of a job, jocks and participants who will wonder what hit them when the stands are empty and the money dries up. They can join the homeless under overpasses for all I care.
    Just sayin’.

  27. This is hilarious. It is getting to the point where they are simply going to stop competing at sports and start competing at virtue-signaling.

  28. The NFL’s only viewers are going to be BLM/Antifa terrorists so why not pander to them? Right Drew? I guess these clowns think that rioters buy a lot of tickets–enough to keep the league afloat. We already know that if they want merch they’ll just kick in the window and take the stuff…

  29. I decided not to watch any nfl games this year when they decided to play the black lives matter national anthem first. I consider it a insult to this great country we all live in. Like no flag is to fly higher than the U S flag, no anthem should be played before our national anthem. The entire nfl can go to hell as far as i am concerned, They have disgraced this nation long enough. Now Drew Breese honors a rapist. He should have quite while he was ahead. Until the nfl quits honoring these thugs, for me its goodbye Saints, and nfl

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