Drew Brees puts accused rapist’s name on his helmet as does the team


My name is Angela and I am the victim of sexual assaults by a pedophile and, as a victim, I am deeply offended that Drew Brees would run around with ‘Jacob Blake’ emblazoned across his helmet. Blake is accused of raping, humiliating, and terrorizing his ex-girlfriend. Until that is settled, you would think he’d support no one or even promote peace.

Instead, he is getting in the middle of a case that is not so clear cut in support of a man who possibly sexually assaulted a woman.

What kind of person is Drew Brees? Does he think at all about who is supporting?

That’s not all. The Saints team decided to pay tribute to Blake during practice by wearing his name on their helmets, according to Pro Football Talk.

While I don’t know the outcome of the rape case or if the police officer is guilty of anything, I do know they should wait before they pay tribute to a potential rapist. As a woman, I know that.

Drew Brees and his teammates are disgusting, not cooking.

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