“Dumb & Unqualified,” Amy Klobuchar


During an interview for Telemundo, a channel that covers Latin America and is owned by NBC Universal, presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar not only couldn’t name the President of Mexico, she made a fool of herself.

What She Knows About the Mexican President

The interviewer asked her what she knew about the President of Mexico and she said, “What I will tell you is I will visit Mexico in the first 100 years.” She then corrected herself and said, “100 days,” while giggling.

When pressed, she said she knew the Mexico President was “uh, um, elected…in the last few years.” She said she doesn’t know him personally, but worked with the ambassador on the trade agreement she supported [it took Dems a year to sign that trade agreement].

The interviewer continued to press her on what she knows, his politics, what he’s doing, which for her was a gotcha question.

“I know that they are our neighbors,” Klobuchar said. She added that she will work with him. Doing what, we cannot say.

He asked if she knows his name, and she answered, “I know that he is the Mexican President.” After he asked her again for his name, she said, “uh, no.”

She agreed it’s important to know who he is. When asked what she knows about what he is doing, her answer was there are issues, of course, with asylum and people coming up. She worked on human trafficking and she is supportive of the USMCA trade agreement and asylum.

Klobuchar led a delegation there but has no record of dealing with trafficking in her home state of Minnesota.

At one point, she said, “If I could finish,” but the interviewer was letting her finish.

It was like pulling teeth to get a cogent response from her. She literally knows nothing, and is Biden Jr. Plus, she wasn’t prepared for an interview with a Latin American news station.

Watch, it’s unbelievable:

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