Utah GOP Might Tell Mitt Romney to Resign Immediately


The Utah Republican Party is reportedly considering multiple resolutions following Sen. Mitt Romney’s vote to convict President Donald Trump of abuse of power. One of the resolutions is to tell Romney to resign immediately.

The Utah Republican Party has pending resolutions on Romney: one that expresses support for Trump’s acquittal, another that supports legislation to recall a U.S Senator and a third that calls for Romney to ‘immediately resign’ from office.”

The Utah GOP will possibly vote on these resolutions on Saturday, February 29, the report also states.

Steven Clark, chair of the Sanpete County GOP, drafted the Romney resolution urging him to immediately step down.

“I feel like Mitt Romney has betrayed the party, betrayed the voters,” Clark said in a 2News phone video interview, adding he believes Romney holds “personal animus” toward the president.

He added, “I think he’s had a vendetta against Trump from the beginning. I think his actions have done significant damage to the party.”

It’s unclear how the vote will go, but Romney doesn’t have to abide by the resolution.

He won’t resign. The arrogant senator will get away with the vote since he claimed he followed his heart and his God.

Laura Ingraham told him to resign after the hoax he pulled on the voters of Utah.


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