Durham wants Clinesmith to go to prison, bias may have motivated him


Prosecutor Durham said Kevin Clinesmith [who seriously harmed Carter Page’s life] needs to go to jail. “Political or personal bias may have motivated or contributed” to the actions of the former FBI lawyer.

Clinesmith altered a CIA email to renew the 2017 spy warrant on Carter Page. The former lawyer is pleading for probation.

He is also the low-level scapegoat for the real criminals who put this coup in motion and approved these warrants over and over.

Clinesmith was referred to the Office of Professional Responsibility. That’s fine, but why aren’t Lisa Page and Peter Strzok going to prison?

Why are McCabe, Comey, Rosenstein loose?

Getting back to Clinesmith. An entire top level at the DoJ/FBI was obviously biased against President Trump. He merely reflected the popular sentiment.

New documents released in Crossfire Hurricane show the importance the moronic DoJ/FBI placed on the dossier. They made Hillary Clinton’s opposition research credible and important when it was nothing but propaganda. It is at the center of the never-ending Durham probe.

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