Epic Rick Santelli rant over outrageous lockdown hypocrisy


CNBC’s Rick Santelli is famous for his on-air rant that sparked the Tea Party movement more than ten years ago. Pray another movement will come from this latest rant. He went ballistic on Covid hypocrisy.

Small businesses are going under while Big Box stores experience obscene profits. Restaurants are failing, one out of three, while our fearless leaders live their lives unfettered while collecting their salaries.

The lockdowns are not working and are unnecessarily arbitrary and Draconian. People are losing their livelihoods and their lives.

Watch this epic rant:



  1. Think some people are finally starting to realize that the Main sewer Stream fake Media ARE in the vanguard of a psychological “covid” attack on the populace??? It is interesting to note that immediately the Chinese virus appears to be dissipating and the removal of “lockdowns” become imminent…they, the MSM goes into a “2nd wave” frenzy and the virus “miraculously” reappears as if on cue…wonder if they are also charged with it’s physical release???

  2. One of the local big box China-Marts will only accept debit/credit cards. Gearing up for the cashless society on orders from the CCP/CPUSA no doubt.
    The sheep will be herded into the pens while glancing at their telescreens for the latest who’s humping who update from Hollywood or some agitprop direct from dem HQ.
    I like to listen to the vids while searching the aggregator page. Enjoying a free www while it is still possible.

    O/T-the local big pharma facility has a heroes work here sign and the surrounding crop fields are chock full of vape pens, airline liquor bottles, cigarette packs, discarded masks, pop cans, snack wrappers…that’s not very heroic to turn the area into a landfill.

  3. As of 12:59 here in Kern County in CA. Saturday evening. We are on lock down. I will do as I please. Fed up with this crap. We depend on tourists up here in the Sierra Nevada’s. I hope our businesses will stay open and tell Newom to go to _ _ _ _. I didn’t get Covid and I don’t know anyone that got it or has it. A lot up here are furious about the lock down. Children suffer the most from this lock down.

    • The lockdowns don’t work. They could stick with the social distancing and masks, but lockdowns are destroying peoples’ lives. The one size fits all is insane.

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