During a Border Crisis, CBP Subjects Agents to Unconscious Bias Training


In the middle of a border crisis with millions of anonymous people from all over the world pouring across, the US Customs and Border Patrol will host a training session on stereotypes and unconscious biases.

The session will include a senior official with the agency and an “expert in gender bias” by the name of Susan Fleming.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the seminar “will draw on academic research, business experience, and unique perspectives to explore the complex web of beliefs and biases that influence our interactions with colleagues, as well as discussing strategies for individuals and organizations to start overcoming unconscious biases.”

While attendance is optional, how is this in any way a sane way to deal with the border during a crisis? Why subject these abused men to this lunacy?

“CBP doesn’t have the people to properly patrol our nation’s borders but we do have the time to step away from work hours to have a conversation on ‘unconscious bias,'” commented one anonymous official working for the Department of Homeland Security, the umbrella under which rests the CBP.

Apparently, they want to demoralize the agents even more. Officials have attacked them, cut the budgets, left them understaffed, and a large number of CPB employees are unvaxxed and face a possible mandate.

This is nothing new. Mayorkas announced it in September. DHS “announced the formation of the Law Enforcement Coordination Council (LECC) – the Department’s first unified law enforcement coordination body – to comprehensively assess a broad range of law enforcement matters, including its law enforcement policies and training. The LECC, which will be chaired by Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas, will immediately begin comprehensive reviews that ensure more fair, equitable, and impartial policing, as well as officer and community safety.”


Border Czar Kamala Harris is allegedly looking for the causes of illegal immigration and only conducted one meeting with the Guatemalan President. We all knew that was a facade but she isn’t even bothering to continue. They really don’t care what we think and the media covers for this corrupt administration.

In March 2020, Biden implemented plans to train CBP to give special treatment to illegal alien LGBTs.

There is nothing sane or responsible coming from this administration.

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