Dutch Protest & Riot over Tyrannical COV Mandates


Riots and protests broke out in The Netherlands after new tyrannical COVID mandates were issued. The Dutch are not the type of people to riot.

Government is about to mandate that only vaccinated people can live their lives and go to public venues. They are removing the testing exemption. The rulers are also reimposing many lockdown provisions for three weeks.

The rioting is absolutely wrong, but the protests are not. Videos shared on social media showed police cars ablaze and businesses ransacked. Police said that rioters started fires and threw fireworks at police officers.

However, the government tyranny is what is driving it.

The Guardian reported that cases are rising in Europe and in The Netherlands and claimed it’s the fault of the vaccinated.

Lockdowns don’t work so the authorities do more of them.

Reuters reported:

Unrest was reported in locations including Leeuwarden and Groningen in the north, the eastern town of Enschede and Tilburg in the south. In Enschede, where an emergency ordinance was issued, police used batons to try to disperse a crowd, according to video on social media. In Leeuwarden, police vans were pelted with rocks and black-clad groups chanted and set off flares.

Responding to the worst disturbances since a full lockdown led to widespread disorder and more than 500 arrests in January, police said five officers had been injured overnight Saturday and at least 64 people detained in three provinces, including dozens who threw fireworks and fences during a soccer match at Feyenoord Rotterdam’s stadium.

The latest unrest began on Friday night in Rotterdam, where police opened fire on a crowd that had swelled to hundreds during a protest that the city’s mayor said had turned into “an orgy of violence”.

The Prime Minister: They’re Only Violent Because They Are Unhappy

The Prime Minister, who is taking away the civil liberties of his voters, called the rioters “idiots” and said he will not tolerate it. We don’t condone violence either but he claims they are violent “just because they are unhappy.” That is dishonest. They’re protesting because their liberties are being taken away without their permission. Unfortunately, when people get out of control, they hurt the cause.


The Left is building it back better everywhere, aren’t they? They’ve imposed the same lockdowns the CCP imposes, even though they destroy people financially and mentally.


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