Hulk Actor Mourns the Loss of Creepy Pedophile JoJo


Very far-Left Mark Ruffalo — the Hulk actor — criticized the American justice system as being racist, and devaluing the lives of not only blacks, but also those shot in self-defense by Kyle Rittenhouse. He mourns the loss of those heroes Anthony and JoJo.

He is explaining the purpose of the Rittenhouse trial here — to destroy self-defense, especially with a gun.

There is no communist cause Ruffalo doesn’t love and no pervert he won’t defend, but if you’ve heard him in ad-lib interviews, you know he’s dumb as dirt.


In a series of tweets, he iterates the fake racial element in the Rittenhouse trial (there was none, zero, nada) and mourns the loss of Anthony and JoJo.

JoJo, who kept calling everyone “n-ers”, is the pedophile who sexually molested 11 boys, ages 9 to 11, and was convicted of raping five of them.

Isn’t it fascinating how Hollywood celebrities love to protect creepy pedophiles who destroy young lives? They’re still defending Roman Polanski.

Somewhere, there are 11 boys not mourning him.



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Dr Frankl
Dr Frankl
2 years ago

Just another Hollyweird in need of a brain enema.

Mean Rattler
Mean Rattler
2 years ago

He made the little boys call him JoJo dressed up in a clown suit and called out free candy?

Not My Comrade
Not My Comrade
2 years ago

Virtue Signal Poseur who wants to keep his Hollywood lifestyle going in hopes that the crocodiles eat him last.
Tinseltown are Long March burn it all down from way back.
They are the slime who don’t give a rip about anyone but themselves and expect the rest of us to bow down, they can eat sh1t.
JoJo WTF is that, sounds like a name for some clown ass molester POS who wanted suicide by Kyle.
As if Ruffalo (CCP/CPUSA) gives two sh1ts about any of these scumbags.