Moment Waukesha Killer Was Arrested


Daniel Rider provided ring doorbell footage to NBC News showing Waukesha Killer on his doorstep moments after he ran down more than fifty people, killing five, injuring 48, including 18 children.

Darrell Brooks was shivering and told Mr. Rider — who knew nothing of the tragedy — he was homeless. He said he was waiting for an Uber.

Rider invited him in, gave him a jacket and a sandwich. He let him use the phone.

Then Rider saw a few cop cars pass by and became nervous. He told Brooks to leave.

Within moments, cops swooped on the property where they instructed Brooks to put his hands in the air.

Brooks says: “Whoa, whoa, whoa” as he appears to follow the cops’ orders.

In this clip, you can see two possibly black men watching, standing off to the side. There were reports of two other black men with Brooks. It makes one wonder who these young men are. It’s probably just a coincidence and what led to the rumor.

Watch the two men off to the side and the arrest:

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