Early Responses to the Border Deal That Enshrines Illegal Immigration Into Law


Aiding and abetting drug trafficking, child and women sex trafficking, terrorists, and other threats. They are traitors to this country.

Speaker Mike Johnson reportedly said, “It’s dead on arrival.”  This is what he said at about 6:30 pm:

According to Matt Gaetz, “The Senate Amnesty Bill literally would force President Trump to let in illegals well into his term. Any Republican who votes for this is no better than a Democrat!

“He called the bill a complete betrayal of the American people, and, of course, it is,” Matt Gaetz said.

Steve Scalise, “Let me be clear: The Senate Border Bill will NOT receive a vote in the House. Here’s what the people pushing this “deal” aren’t telling you: It accepts 5,000 illegal immigrants a day and gives automatic work permits to asylum recipients—a magnet for more illegal immigration.”

Josh Hawley said, “For an honest take on immigration “deal,” read. Border NEVER closes. Never. *Immediate* work permits for asylum seekers. (Remember, every illegal now claims asylum.) 50k more family reunification & other visas every single year. No limits on unaccompanied minors. Hard no…wages fall like a lead balloon.”

Rep. Eli Crane: “The Senate border “deal” is an unserious attempt to show progress in an election year, when in reality, they bent the knee to Biden’s open-border agenda.”

Bill Melugin paints a better picture of the bill:
    • NEW: My initial highlights from the border deal. – No amnesty/legalization of anyone already in the U.S. illegally.

– Funds an increase in ICE detention capacity to approx. 50,000 from the current 34,000.

– At 7 day rolling average of 5,000 encounters per day, or 8,500 encounters in a single day, DHS is *required* to shut the border down, and turn away anyone who crosses. No new asylum claims will be allowed, and anybody crossing will be removed. Would end the whole idea of “I made it to U.S. soil, you have to process me.” That would be over, Border Patrol would not process the illegal crosser and they would be removed – no asylum claim permitted, unless its made at a port of entry.

– This does not mean 5,000 are “allowed in” before this authority kicks in. Single adults would be detained, families would be released via ATD (alternatives to detention), and asylum cases would be fast tracked to months rather than years under a new rapid/expedited expulsion system. Those who fail would be quickly removed from the US. Those who initially pass would be released with work authorization and 90 day supervision until final asylum claim is determined.

– The shut down authority doesn’t drop until crossings decrease significantly in the days following the shut down.

– Significantly tougher asylum requirements, and a higher credible fear standard, including three bars to eligibility. 1) Criminal history, 2) Could they have resettled in another country on the way to the US? 3) Could they have resettled somewhere else in their own country? Just saying you’re scared to return home will no longer be enough in initial interview.

– It *appears* that the legislation would move asylum claim decisions away from immigration judges, and instead have them be handled by USCIS.

– $1.4 billion in FEMA funding available for disbursement to NGOs/municipalities, but some of that money doesn’t unlock until key border security metrics are hit with ICE detention beds, ICE & Border Patrol new hires, and at least 1,500 deportation flights.

– Ends use of parole releases via CBP One app, and ends parole for illegal crossers between ports of entry.

– Keeps humanitarian parole as it was originally intended (medical procedures, court cases, etc), and keeps the current Biden admin parole program in place for Cubans, Haitians, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans.

– 50,000 new visas over 5 years.

– Funding to hire hundreds more ICE deportation officers, Border Patrol agents, and USCIS asylum officers, and greatly increases number of deportation flights.

– No unaccompanied minors can be removed, and some of these minors will receive attorneys, either pro bono or taxpayer funded.

– Ends some catch and release, but not all (families and unaccompanied minors not detained).

– DHS will have 90 days to set this new system up before it takes effect.

– There is a provision in the bill that would allow the President to suspend the “shut down” authority. It says: “Authorizes the President to suspend the border emergency on an emergency basis for up to 45 days if it is in the national interest.”

Context: The border has seen at least 5,000 encounters almost every single day the last couple years under Biden. If this bill were signed into law, the border would likely be shut down on the first day it takes effect.

FOX is told by the architects of this legislation the status quo right now is when the border is overwhelmed, “release everyone”. They say this bill switches that to, when the border is overwhelmed “remove everyone.” This legislation has provisions in it that will upset border hawks and immigration activists at the same time.

Now we wait to see how both Democrats & Republicans respond. So far, many House GOP members have expressed displeasure, and at least one Democrat Senator (Padilla) has as well.

Maybe Fox wanted him to promote it. They’re corporate whores now.  Melugin conveniently forget to mention the enormous sums that go to Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel. Also, a lot of money goes to the war machine and grants and awards.

Congressman Byron Donalds said: 5,000 illegal aliens per day. 150,000 illegal aliens per month. 1,800,000 illegal aliens per year. $60+ BILLION MORE to Ukraine. This Senate deal is TRASH, plain and simple. 269 days ago, @HouseGOP passed a REAL SOLUTION to the border crisis, H.R. 2 –

Rep. Bob Good: Among other bad ideas, this border deal: Codifies catch & release Omits gotaways in counts Continues & expands “alternatives to detention” Ends expulsions authority after 3 yrs This is a loser for America and Senate Republicans should reject it.

“The “border deal” is an easy NO. It reads like a parody of an actual border security bill,” writes Sen. Marco Rubio.

Hardcore Leftist and Levi heir Dan Goldman: “Now as they have completed a bipartisan deal that has many measures that Republicans have been crying for, they want to sabotage it and undermine it. And the only reason is because Donald Trump wants to use the border as a political weapon.”

Geiger Capital:

I just skimmed through it. Most of it funds Ukraine and Israel but I’m just focusing on our own border. Here is my unbiased perspective…

The proposed Senate Border Deal is a joke. A political gesture that solves nothing.

After three years of doing nothing and pretending that this crisis wasn’t even happening (the border is secure!), they are now ready to act before the election.

President Biden says he is now willing to “shut down the border,” but the bill only forces him to do so after a threshold of 5,000 migrants is hit on a daily average. So instead of 2-3 million per year, we’ll allow ~1.8 million. (5k per day). Insanity.

That, of course, also doesn’t include the thousands of daily “gotaways,” who will then no longer turn themselves into Border Patrol once the threshold is hit. This entire thing has been absurd. What has happened to American leadership?

The correct amount of illegal immigrants to allow in per day is ZERO.

If you can “shut down the border” after 5,000 each day, why are we not doing it now? This bill would essentially codify into law allowing ~1.8 million illegal immigrants per year before real action has to be taken. This isn’t a political issue. It’s our country.

This bill is a joke.

As I wrote earlier, when the bill came out. This is a deliberate ploy to keep Donald Trump from stopping illegal immigration well into his term should he become president. It’s also a lifeline to Biden and Democrats so they can pretend they are doing something.


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Secede Now
Secede Now
21 days ago

Members of Congress are largely bribed or blackmailed. California is running ads in Spanish and Chinese showing ballots being dropped in mailboxes and telling foreigners and illegals to vote in our elections.
Along with these ads are recruiting ads for the U.S. military telling young people to join up and patriotically defend our nation. Defend our nation? What nation…this shit-hole that is now part of the 3rd World?

22 days ago

This bill reveals how corrupt the government is and how evil our elected officials are. Burn it all down and start again.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
23 days ago

The mechanisms are already there and President Trump used them. The border deal is totally unnecessary if Biden would enforce the law.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
23 days ago

This betrayal may result in major losses for the corrupt RINOs. They have gone too far, and did so amidst a popular movement against illegal immigration. To do something like this shows they are bought. Lankford may be done, his state is already censuring him. Now that the bill is out, the state party had mentioned more actions against him, since he has not backed down. He was given an ultimatum.

Sick of it all
Sick of it all
23 days ago

The Republicans better hold the line on this one. They’re giving the country away.