Petey Pit Bull on Bad Dog Sunday


Petey Pit Bull

Every Sunday, we feature one of our bad dogs. We can’t control anything they say or do so don’t blame us.

Petey says he’s isolated the biggest problem with America today and is calling for mandatory vaccination. This illness makes Democrats crazy. We need a cure.
Petey Pit Bull is very patriotic and has had enough of illegal immigration.

Even the puppy knows unvetted, illegal aliens, mostly single men, are everywhere and shouldn’t be. This is a national security threat.

Petey thinks humans are stupid.

“It’s her people doing it,” says Petey.

Petey has a point.
Supporting Hamas at Columbia

Petey is quite upset that he was not allowed to join the police in handling the pro-Hamas/Palestine supporters who are allowed to riot at Columbia university. He says deport everyone you can deport and kick the rest out of school. He’s a wise dog.

Petey thinks Ilhan Omar should be deported to Somalia.

Petey says we should deport Joe to Elba.

The puppy also wants to deport this piggy.

Petey says Bill Mitchell is deranged.

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