Ebay bans the resale of condemned Dr. Seuss books, but go buy Mein Kampf


A spokeswoman for eBay told the Washington Examiner on Thursday that it would no longer be allowing sellers to list six books that have been deemed by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the company that preserves Theodor Seuss “Ted” Geisel’s legacy, as containing racially insensitive imagery.

Dr. Seuss Enterprises used left-wing teachers and other professionals to help them reach their ridiculous decision.

Amazon and some booksellers are still selling them, but for how long?

Dan McLaughlin wrote at the National Review, “This is particularly absurd given that several of the books contain “offensive imagery” only in the most extenuated sense of irritating left-wing zealots. You can still find plenty of listings on eBay for bongs, sex toys, provocative semi-nude photos of porn stars, old issues of Penthouse, framed covers of Hustler, handguns, rifles, swords, machetes, even copies of Mein Kampf, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and The Anarchist Cookbook. Tintin in the Congo is still for sale, and so is Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book. But apparently, On Beyond Zebra is beyond the pale.”

Need anyone add to that? Outside of Michelle Obama, of course.



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