Educational Lecture About Democrats & the Communist Party


Flashback! In 2010, Political Science Professor Paul Kengor gave the lecture below about the dupes, the American left, drawn in by the Soviet Communists. He reviewed documents from the United States Communist Party. They were tied to the Soviets. There was an inseparable bond between the American Communist Party and the Russian Soviet Communist Party.

He wrote the book Dupes: Democrats & the Communist Party.

The dupes he referred to were the progressive left, who weren’t communists, but agreed with many ideas such as wealth redistribution, workers’ rights, etc.

Communists made a concerted effort to lure the dupes — the progressive left — into their party. The only way they could grow was to target the liberal progressive left. They weren’t always successful. Many liberal progressives were not dupes.

Communists hid their true faces from progressives – the dupes. The documents are very interesting, and the ideology they pushed was remarkably like today. Communists were not the friends of liberal progressives. He went over some very famous names.

One of the most stunning statements was from the Soviets commenting on the amazing naivèté of these American progressives. Soviets worked to keep them permanently intoxicated. The American progressive elites swallowed the propaganda over and over, “resolved to believe anything they were told.”

Listen to the part about John Dewey, the founder of modern education. Dewey’s books were rapidly translated into Russian by the Bolsheviks as early as 1919. They were very important to the Soviet state they were trying to establish.

Education today is a vehicle for anti-Americanism, hate towards whites, and extreme gender ideology. It’s a Soviet dream come true. American educators are the biggest dupes today.


Professor Kengor talked about Barack Obama’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was an important influence in Obama’s life by Obama’s own words. Obama’s mentor was a member of the Communist Party USA, # 47544. His FBI file makes it very, very clear Davis was a communist. Davis wrote vicious articles about Harry Truman, calling him every name possible. These were names we hear said today about Republican Conservatives.

Davis labeled Truman as The Butcher of Hiroshima, claiming Truman wanted to rule Russia and re-enslave the world. Truman did what Americans wanted him to do to end World War II.

Mentor Davis wanted to nationalize GM.


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