El Universal Says Caravan Mob Now Has 14,000 People


The Mexican newspaper, El Universal, estimates the caravan now has 14,000 people, many of them already in Mexico. Others are stalled at the international border with Guatemala. This is being described as a major humanitarian crisis, but it is more of an invasion and a major national security threat. DHS has warned that cartels are involved.


Members of the illegal alien ‘caravan’ aka mobile mob were heard chanting, “Yes we could”. It is a takeoff on the “Si se puede” — Yes we can! — cheer that far-left immigrant-rights activists have used for years, and which the Obama campaign coopted in 2008.

One has to wonder if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama have a role in this.

It is quite a coincidence, but, as we said, Hispanic Americans are also involved in this mobile mob. AZ Central reports that a Phoenix activist/agitator, an immigrant to the U.S., Irineo Mujica, was arrested in southern Mexico.

They are also chanting, “you can’t stop us” and “We are going to the United States! Nobody is going to stop us!””

We also reported that on Thursday. We posted the clip below of his arrest. It was posted to a Soros-tied group, Pueblo sin Fronteras which is aiding the ‘caravan’.


The dupes in the U.S. are falling for the whole fake news of this being a refugee-driven crisis. It reeks of astroturf.

Trump has 100,000 who are showing up for his rally in Texas for Senator Ted Cruz and he dwarfs these 14,000. He will win. It’s not clear what he can do within the law, but these people will be here before Election Day. They are being given rides on trucks and in buses. They are NOT walking.


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