Election win news! Jason Miller explains why Trump will win


Trump advisor Jason Miller said President Trump would hold the sunbelt states and only needs to win one of the four midwest states he won last time to take home the prize.

The coalitions have shifted this go-around, and the polls don’t reflect that. Miller said it is proven by Biden having to go back to Minnesota. A state Republicans have not won in decades.

Miller said most smart Democrats believe President Trump will be ahead in electoral votes on election night, and then Democrats will try to steal it back after the election. However, Miller said Trump would be so far ahead in electoral votes that no matter what shenanigans they pull, they can’t overcome the big win.


Conservative pollster Robert C. Cahaly of The Trafalgar Group and Democrat pollster Mark Penn discussed the polls, with Penn claiming President Trump is losing by 7 or 8 points.

Penn says the number one issue is COV, which Biden is winning on, number two is the economy, a big win for Trump, and three is healthcare, which Republicans have not closed the gap on.

Cahaly, who was the only pollster to get it right in 2016, said it’s all breaking for Trump. He emphasized the change in the Hispanic and Black coalitions.


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