Electric Scam Leads “to Human Suffering, Death and Destruction”


The clip below begins with the President of Toyota explaining that switching to all-electric vehicles according to the Newsom-Hochul timeline is impossible. The whole thing is a scam.

Fox radio host Jimmy Failla started the discussion with the electric vehicle mandates. Democrats raise a lot of money off green energy, but it’s not sustainable, he said. Failla also asked who benefits from green energy, answering the question himself, “China!”

The electric vehicle is like “veganism on wheels,” he continued. Taxis can’t do it because you can’t get the miles out of it. More proof it’s a scam. Democrats know this.

Raymond Arroyo, a host on “Ingraham,’ said we’re “breaking the middle class” to do this. “Whenever the government is telling you what mode of transportation you can use,” it’s probably unconstitutional.

Lisa Boothe noted that the grid couldn’t handle it, and it allows the government to control when and where you can drive. She said, “this will lead to human suffering, death, and destruction.”  She gave examples, such as Sri Lanka.

All agreed it’s a scam.


Chuck DeVore discussed it with Fox host Will Cain and said the pressure on the grid is causing rates to go up and making it difficult for people to pay their utility bills. Electric has gone up more than the rate of inflation under Biden. Natural gas prices were going up before the invasion, and it can’t all be blamed on Putin. “Biden’s vaunted transition is imposing higher costs on the industry. It makes it more costly and more difficult to take oil and gas out of the ground.”

The more you put wind and solar on the grid; the more expensive the grid gets because you need more expensive backup supplies standing around for when it’s not windy and it’s not summer.

For example, “the huge battery farms or natural gas plants that remain idle for much of the day and only operate for hours to keep that grid up. These cost a lot of money…”

He explains more extensively in this clip:


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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
3 months ago

Democrats and their appointed stooge Joe Biden already know that those laughable wind-up cars can’t sustain hurricanes, tornadoes, or high floods.. The entire vaudevillian scenario is an obvious profiteering fraud-scam with any contributing monies going directly into the pockets of democrats and their collaborators. Keep in mind also that those mega-pricey EVs and batteries are not for the low-income such as the Clinton woman’s “peasants”, Pelosi’s “crop pickers”, and Jill Biden’s “breakfast tacos”. Made only for the white privilege elititists white trash types like Joe Biden & Co.

Last edited 3 months ago by Harrison Pendleton
a a ron
a a ron
3 months ago

what happens when they tell you, you can’t drive at this time of day, and shut your car off, because it’s connected to the internet 24/7 and they know every second what it’s doing? now what greenies?

3 months ago

Imagine if Florida was just 25% EV and people had to evacuate for a Hurricane? A lot of people in South East Florida have EVs. If the State was smart EVs would be banned.

When I lived there, I stashed an extra 20 gallons of gasoline for Hurricane season. This gave my 4WD enough range to get completely out of the State without having to stop for gasoline. This is important since the State is only about 80 miles wide and your only real escape is North; 400 miles North. With baggage and the A/C running, you are lucky to get 150 miles in an EV. That’s at least two one hour charging stops, if there isn’t a line just to get out of the State!

When I evacuated to the Atlanta area, I could do that without a stop at a Gas Station in about 12 hours with “Evacuation Traffic”. Talking to EV drivers a few years ago who evacuated for Hurricane Irma, it took them a minimum of 22 hours. One said he was pulling into the Hotel parking lot as it went though Georgia. He has been on the road for almost 30 hours and basically didn’t out run the Hurricane.

Pushing EV use as anything but a second “city car” is just plain insanity. The only practical EV is something like the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV and it’s only $5000 in China! If it was available here, I’d buy one in a heart beat, but I’m keeping the 4WD.

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
3 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Brillian comment based in common sense and provable facts.