Elizabeth Warren Tells a Tall Tale to Mislead Followers About the Judge


MSNBC ran a truncated, misleading clip of Brett Kavanaugh joking in a 2015 speech at the Columbus School of Law, “What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep. That’s been a good thing for all of us.”

It was edited to make it look like he was admitting to improper conduct in the case of Mrs. Blasey-Ford.

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren followed suit.

Princess Lies-a-lot retweeted it to mislead her followers. She deceptively added, “I can’t imagine any parent accepting this view. Is this really what America wants in its next Supreme Court Justice?”

The network and the fake Indian left out the part where the judge makes it clear he’s joking about three close friends. It has NOTHING to do with the unsubstantiated accusations by Mrs. Blasey-Ford. This is what was left out:

“I, by coincidence, three classmates of mine at Georgetown Prep were graduates of this law school in 1990 and are really really good friends of mine,” Kavanaugh said.

He went on to say that “they are still good friends of mine as recently as this weekend when we were all on email together,” which is when Kavanaugh joked “what happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep.”

Warren has not corrected the tweet and has not removed it, confirming her intention to deceive.

We need to know from Warren what her early days on the reservation were like. That would be interesting. We know she cooked.


Remember when the fake Indian made up a fake Indian cookbook with plagiarized recipes?

Faux-ahontas Elizabeth Warren Plagiarized Recipes for Cookbook, PowWow Chow

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