James Woods’ Very Funny Response to CNN’s Coverage of a Body Part


You might not have this important piece of information unless you watch CNN and read the far-left Guardian.

Prostitute, stripper, porn star, Stormy Daniels has written a dirty book that has been covered by the Guardian. In it, she spends time describing President Trump’s very personal body part. [Okay, I’ll say it, I’m not 12, his penis.]

The Guardian actually spent time on that section but no one does it as well as CNN who covered it on a primetime show with their ‘star’ journalist.


James Woods has it covered with a couple hysterical responses.

While CNN uses their award-winning Afghanistan journalist to cover a penis, Fox is reporting actual news.

The economy is booming, the President is working hard to help flood victims (remember them?), and Kim Jong-un promises to denuclearize.


  1. Do you think CNN would have dedicated that much time to a discussion of (gag, puke) Hillary’s vagina? Somehow I doubt it.

  2. Seems like jake crapper has an unusual interest in the potus’s pensis … Probably hoping for a dik pik from twitter … Bad thing bout that is that it would look just like him !

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