Elizabeth Warren’s Astounding Explanations of Medicare for All



Elizabeth Warren says that anyone who is not a billionaire won’t pay higher taxes under her healthcare plan.  She fails to mention that her financial transaction tax, her employer tax, and her capital gains tax would all clearly affect non-billionaires. The $9 trillion payroll tax will certainly hurt the American worker.

Warren’s healthcare plan requires companies to send payments to the federal government in order to finance government programs — it is a nearly $9 trillion payroll tax.

See the list of taxes on this link.

Her math is deplorable, especially when she claims billionaires will pay for it. The total wealth of all billionaires in the USA is $3 trillion and, even if she stole very dime they make, they can’t pay for her plan.

She knows that. The fake Indian is lying again.

She will promise anything. Yet, in fact, Warren‘s “tax the rich” scheme won’t work because the rich will take their money and go. As for the new immigrants coming up with over $1.2 billion, they won’t give the gringo a dime. The government will also have to fund massive unemployment for her $52 trillion Medicare for All scheme.

Warren’s overall plan to remake capitalism into socialism with her playing the role of Vincent Maduro.

The senator from Massachusetts thinks 607 billionaires* will pay for it, along with corporations, and people given amnesty, and these same people will fork over their earnings for her Green New Deal, reparations, paying off everyone’s college debt, providing free 0-college education, and so much more.

This is a parody, horror parody.

In this clip, she claims everyone who is not a billionaire as middle-class.

Elizabeth Warren says companies might have to give products away in this next clip. It’s a very strange thing to say.

The working-class people she supports in the fossil fuel industry and healthcare insurance will be on unemployment lines.

Oh, wait, I misspeak. Health insurance workers can go sell car insurance.

*Correction: There are 607 billionaires in the USA, not 248.

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Lisa Hawks
Lisa Hawks
4 years ago

so ridiculous

Geraldo Verde
Geraldo Verde
4 years ago

Reminds me of an angry schoolmarm, sexually frustrated ex-nun, a mother-in-law and an ex-wife all rolled into one.

Warren as president? She’d have to get every male vote in the country.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

She would completely destroy our country turning it into a wasteland of poverty and chaos.

Elena McCoy
Elena McCoy
4 years ago

First, she would say and do anything to get to power and ultimately get rich. I hope the 247 billionaires are not that stupid to support socialists. If she uses the whole 3-4 trillion GDP she cannot cover the cost of Medicare for all. I think at this time she’s undesirable to win the primary, so yes, Butt might be the nominee. Warren stole my line with manufacturing. You know, Nancy knows everything, she’s briefed on all the news.