Elon Musk Bans Rival Platforms, Including TruthSocial


Twitter is now banning the sharing of links or usernames to rival platforms. Twitter banned TruthSocial, Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Tribel, Post, and Nostr. Third-party social media link aggregators such as linktr.ee and ink.bio are banned.

They allow cross-posting and sharing of platforms not mentioned.

Most reactions were negative. @Jack Dorsey tweeted, “Why?” Devin Nunes tweeted, “When did TruthSocial get banned?” Mark Dice sarcastically referred to Elon’s ‘free speech’ policy.

Initially, it sounds like a bad idea, but Wall Street Silver said his Instagram account doesn’t allow links to multiple other platforms. Just one link is allowed in your Instagram profile. My Instagram profile link is to my Twitter acct. He said he can also understand Twitter having limits on links to other platforms, especially direct competitors, Truth, and Mastodon.

Aggregators like Only Fans and Link Tree link pornstars and escorts.

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