Elon Musk Made Ukraine’s Kill List for 15 Minutes


Mirotvorets, or ‘Peacemaker,’ website, whose creators seek to bring ‘peace’ to their country with the help of extrajudicial killings (thanks to its list, known as a kill list), put Elon Musk on their kill list for about 15 minutes. Jackson Hinkle said someone probably told them Musk could dump their Starlink.

According to Wikipedia, for what Wikipedia is worth, Peacemaker is a private, open-source investigation website that has a list of Ukraine’s alleged enemies. Ukraine allows the website to continue.

The Ukrainian fascists are angry that Elon Musk won’t pay for Starlink indefinitely.


According to Reuters, Elon Musk said SpaceX cannot ‘indefinitely’ fund the Starlink internet service in Ukraine and send it several thousand more terminals after a report suggested that his rocket company had asked the Pentagon to pay for the donations.

That and the recommendation of a path to peace earned him a spot on the kill list.

I want to say Ukraine is ungrateful. Would that be too harsh? Pro-Russia reporter Maria Dubovikova claims NATO is hosting it and has allegedly produced the computer DNA to prove it.


Myrotvorets or Mirotvorets (Ukrainian: Миротворець, lit. ‘Peacemaker’ /mɪrɔ’tvɔrɛt͡sʲ/), is a Ukrainian Kyiv-based open-source investigation website and NGO that publishes a running list, and sometimes personal information, of people who authors of the organization consider “enemies of Ukraine,” or, as the website itself states, “whose actions have signs of crimes against the national security of Ukraine, peace, human security, and the international law.”

The website was launched in December 2014 by Ukrainian politician and activist Georgy Tuka. The site has remained open despite repeated requests from the UN, G7 ambassadors, the EU, and human rights groups to close it down. It acts to supplement government databases at checkpoints.  In 2018, the German Foreign Ministry asked the Ukrainian government to delete the website.

The site reflects the work of NGO “Myrotvorets center” led by a person only known by the alias “Roman Zaitsev,” a former employee of the Luhansk Security Service of Ukraine.

The website is allegedly curated by the government law-enforcement and intelligence agency Security Service of Ukraine (SBU)  and was promoted by Advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko.

The identity of the staff is secret.

According to George Tuka, the site has led to the arrest of 1,000 people since the site’s launch, which he claimed included many collaborators and people working for the Federal Security Service that would otherwise not be in any government databases.

Ukraine is not a democracy and imprisons its political opponents or journalists they don’t like.

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