In the News, Biden Brags About Gas Prices And Eats a Quesadilla


President Biden visited Los Angeles on Thursday and downplayed gas prices in California, reaching nearly seven dollars a gallon.

The president spoke with reporters briefly after getting fast food with local Democrats in Los Angeles.

It looks like Biden is buying tacos in a taco shop, not quesadillas.

But before we talk about gas prices, we’d like to note that the important thing is reporters asked the key question – what did you eat, Mr. President?

So you know, he had a chicken quesadilla because we all know he was almost raised like a Puerto Rican.

When asked to react to prices reaching nearly seven dollars a gallon in California, Biden replied, “Well, that’s always been the case here.”

Q Yeah. The inflation report is out. Have you seen gas prices around here in LA? It’s seven bucks a gallon almost.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, that’s always been the case here. You know, it’s not — what — nationwide, they came down about $1.35, and they’re still down over a dollar.

But we’re going to work on — housing is the big — is the most important thing we have to do in terms of that.


The conversation got a little crazier.

Q What is your message to Saudi Arabia about this?

THE PRESIDENT: We’re — “We’re about to talk to you.”

Q You’re about to talk to —

THE PRESIDENT: We’re about to talk to them.

Q In what way, sir?

Q What are you going to say to them?

THE PRESIDENT: Stay tuned.

Whoever is behind the curtain in the White House plans to punish Saudi Arabia.

Also, don’t mess with stickers on gas pumps in you’re in LA. They don’t arrest criminals much, but they will get you for putting stickers on pumps.

Biden argued that gas prices were still down nationwide from the previous highs in the summer, even though they have gone back up as much as 30 cents a gallon in some areas.

The gas prices went from $3.09 to $3.49 in a week or two on Long Island. They were up over $4.25 a gallon before Biden drained the emergency reserves. He uses our strategic petroleum reserves like campaign funds.

“You know, it’s not, what, nationwide, they came down about $1.35,” he said. “And they’re still down over a dollar,” Biden said.

You have to love that since the gas prices have skyrocketed under Joe.

At a speech earlier in the day, Biden boasted his success in reducing gas prices, lowering the pain of inflation across the country.

“[A] lot of it is the result of getting the cost of living at the gas pump down by more — now even in California now — by more than a dollar nationally and — since the start of summer,” he said.

But he indicated he would do more to lower gas prices before November’s midterm elections. That’s believable. After that, things will go from bad to worse if his people win.

“[T]he price of gas is still too high, and we need to keep working to bring it down,” he said. “I’ll have more to say about that next week.”

Biden and his anti-fossil fuel appointees made the prices skyrocket. They will do it again.

About the quesadillas. He’s eating quesadillas while Rome burns.

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1 year ago

You would have to be mentally retarded to vote democrat.

1 year ago

Prices are up 35 cents here and I don’t see them coming down for a long time.