Elon Musk Responds to Doxxer Taylor Lorenz’s Suspension


Taylor Lorenz wrote on her substack that “Elon Musk suspended my Twitter account. I only had three tweets live on my account when it was banned. Two were promoting my social media profiles on other platforms… and one was the tweet below where I asked Musk for comment. “

Taylor Lorenz, the sobbing reporter

She continued, “My colleague Drew Harwell, who has also been suspended, and I have been working on a story involving Musk and were hoping to get comment from him. We attempted to reach him several times through email over the past few days. At 8:30pm EST I tried reaching out for comment on Twitter by posting this:”

Shortly after, she found she was suspended. Okay, but what happened to “it’s a private company, and they can do what they want?”

Lorenz only had a few tweets on her page because she deleted them all at once the day before. At first, the known liar blamed Elon Musk. Then she changed her story to say she has an auto-delete that removes tweets after a couple of weeks, and it malfunctioned. That too is a lie. She deleted them all at once the day before, as we said.

Lorenz thinks she’s permanently suspended.

She has NBC’s Ezra Kaplan tweeting her messages. He wrote on Twitter: Twitter has rejected Washington Post Reporter Taylor Lorenz’s appeal to her suspension. The company says she “has been permanently suspended” and that the “decision will not be reversed.”

WaPo Executive Editor Sally Buzbee said Lorenz was permanently suspended for asking him for comment about a story [hit piece].

Buzbee tweeted: “The arbitrary suspension of another Post journalist further undermines Elon Musk’s claim that he intends to run Twitter as a platform dedicated to free speech. Again, the suspension occurred with no warning, process, or explanation–this time as our reporter merely sought comment from Musk for a story. Post journalists should be reinstated immediately, without arbitrary conditions.”

Lorenz, who writes vicious hit pieces, tried to get Libs of TikTok permanently suspended for two years. That didn’t stop her from being a total hypocrite. She had Ezra Kaplan write the following, and it sure took a lot of Chutzpah for her to write it and him to tweet: “Cancel culture has gone too far. I think the way that musk is arbitrarily banning anyone who he personally doesn’t like has dangerous consequences for free speech.”

Lorenz has reached new heights of hypocrisy. Robby Starbuck called it “criminal levels.” It is nice to know that Democrats do care about free speech for some people.

Her vicious doxxing and publishing of Libs of TikTok’s personal information made Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik a target of some very unbalanced people.


Elon Musk responded to the suspension, which is not permanent, although WaPo claims her appeal was turned down.

Mr. Musk said she is temporarily suspended for prior doxxing, and “her suspension will be lifted shortly.”

She also violates the hate speech rules, but that’s our opinion. The FBI will be right on it. They just hate hate speech.

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