John Bolton Says the Trump Movement Does Not Exist


John Bolton, John Bolton, return to earth, John Bolton. Bolton claims the Trump movement does not exist and there is no one to succeed Trump. Apparently, he overlooked Ron DeSantis. Bolton can be off-the-charts wrong on issues like this one. This is the most ridiculous yet.

If Republicans similar to him buy into that, they’ll lose millions of Republicans, and some will never vote for them again.


Former ambassador John Bolton told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi this week that there is no such thing as Trumpism and that there’s no Trump “movement” to which anyone could be a so-called successor.

That’s insulting to Trump supporters.

The idea of bringing manufacturing – business in general – back to America escaped Bolton’s notice. He didn’t notice the legal immigration, closed borders, no-wars, Americans first, love of country, Constitution, fair judges, and support for the working man philosophy. Trump reached out to minorities.

Bolton thinks Donald Trump doesn’t have a movement or a philosophy and wants the GOP to fix the damage he’s done. He is even threatening to run to defeat Trump. Bolton would soon find he doesn’t have a movement.

“A lot of Republicans I talk to say the Republican party is unfixable,” said Velshi.

“Well, I think that position is delusional,” Bolton replied.

“I think that this whole idea that there’s a Trump movement out there is simply wrong. The fundamental point in politics is philosophy. Everything else flows from that. Trump has no philosophy. Trump doesn’t think in policy terms. There is no Trumpism. There’s no real succession to Trump.”


He claims the “fundamental reality” about Donald Trump is that he’s “an aberration in American politics.”

That’s insulting to supporters.

His proof is so many Trump candidates lost.

GOP funding going into defeating Trump candidates in the Primary, damaging their reputations, didn’t help. In Alaska, it was the confusing ranked-choice voting and McConnell’s nine million dollars of dishonest ads. Mitch McConnell not providing funding for Trump candidates and calling them “bad” didn’t help.

Aside from that, Trump’s philosophy to make America great again brought new people into the party who are diverse, working men and women. He broadened the membership.

He ran on and implemented the platform Republicans claim they support and never implement while in office – like following the Constitution.

Did Bolton not notice the 74 million who voted for change within the party? He needs to turn on RSBN. Maybe he’s jealous of the huge crowds Trump draws at rallies.

This is a war between the people in the party and the McConnell RINOs who vote with Democrats. The Bolton movement doesn’t exist, and his philosophy of continuous wars worldwide is stale except among RINOs and Democrats.

Not existing and wanting them not to exist are two different things. Bolton needs to get a new line based on the real world.

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1 year ago

Warmonger Bolton is right where he belongs, on msdnc. You want to see what doesn’t exist? Watch his campaign to be President. Hahaha!

1 year ago

John Bolton is now the front runner for the Shit Head of the Year Award.

Trump Won
Trump Won
1 year ago

Newsflash, Bolton. MAGA is the movement. Maybe it’s time for a new party? The Republican party has proven time and again, they don’t represent our values……

1 year ago
Reply to  Trump Won

Democrats would drool over a split republican party. The GOP is finished as a national party. In statewide and local elections, republicans will still win but as far as for Presidential elections, with all the countries parasites, illegals flooding in and all the cheating, the GOP is done.