Elon Musk Shines a Light On America’s Insecure Elections


Elon Musk is becoming more and more vocal about his opinions on voter ID laws. He believes they should be stricter. Actually, they’re non-existent in many places.

Voter ID laws seem like they should be pretty uncontroversial. You need ID to do even mundane activities. However, the opposition against ID laws, especially Photo ID, is strong, and that’s because someone doesn’t want voter integrity and secure elections. It’s certainly not because black people or rural voters can’t get voter IDs.

Look at Kamala spill this nonsense:

The CEO of X has made several posts over the past several days regarding ID laws.

Musk said that the lack of voter ID laws in some states and the expansion of mail-in ballots are an “insane” system.

“In the USA, you don’t need a government-issued ID to vote, and you can mail in your ballot,” he wrote on X. “This is insane.”

Mail-in balloting is the worst. You can get away with all kinds of things, like no voter ID. As I said, I’ve worked at the polls and have seen Democrat lawyers win arguments for Donald Duck and some person who said they lived on a park bench outside a local high school. The ballots go to the judge, and he divides them in half. That’s how the contested mail-in ballots are decided in New York. Most are just accepted.

Musk wants to see all 50 states implement voter ID requirements for the upcoming 2024 election.

Voter ID laws vary widely across the United States. Some states have stricter requirements than others. Some have no identification requirements to vote at all.

It’s not just ID – it’s registration – especially with all the new Democrats pouring in across our borders.

We’ve reported about Arizona before. They have a two-tier voter registration system that arose after a lawsuit from the DOJ. So, if you vote in state or local elections, you must submit valid proof of citizenship, like a passport or birth certificate. However, if it’s a federal election, admittedly a more critical election, all you have to do is fill out a form with no verification whatsoever. It’s the honor system, and you know how that works. Thank the DOJ lawsuit for that; it’s still not fixed.

Voter rolls are another problem.

Some states have voter rolls that are rarely cleansed. From working at the polls, I know that the union guys run in the back and miraculously find ballots, most of them for Democrats; it does make one wonder. It seriously is a blueprint for fraud.

Call me a right-wing loon, but I know people who are dead or who are ineligible to vote shouldn’t vote.

Democrats are incrementally allowing illegal aliens to vote, even after they broke our laws coming into the country, and we often know nothing about them. It’s the camel’s nose under the tent.

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Trump Won
Trump Won
1 month ago

There are groups across the country fighting for election integrity and bringing attention to it, but they’re being ignored. One such group out of New York is New York Citizens Audit.

veto longwene
veto longwene
1 month ago

Is it bad enough yet?