Elon Musk Suspends Major Journalists and Mastodon


Update: These journalists endangered Mr. Musk and his family. They gave out his real-time coordinates and he picked up a stalker. Read more here.

Twitter has suspended the account of prominent liberal journalist Aaron Rupar as well as reporters from CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

Twitter has also suspended “prominent reporters,” including CNN’s Donnie O’Sullivan (@Donie), WaPo’s Drew Harwell (@drewharwell), and New York Time’s Ryan Mac (@rmac18)

Rupar was suspended for posting the location of Elon Musk’s plane. Then, Keith Olbermann was suspended for doing the same thing.

Can’t you imagine him having a temper tantrum?

They’ll be back since Mr. Musk doesn’t believe in permanent suspensions, but seeing the privileged get a taste of what they’ve dished out is nice.

So much for free speech,” Brianna Wu, a software engineer and liberal activist, wrote on the platform Wednesday. “Musk has killed @ElonJet, which was using public aircraft data. I’m overwhelmingly empathetic to doxing and taking action, but there’s no valid argument this endangers anyone.”

Some had been tweeting about the suspension of the Twitter account that tracked Musk’s jet and its availability on Mastodon.

The elites have been telling people to go to Mastodon, a similar platform. I signed up, and it’s awful – a left-wing echo chamber. Twitter banned links to Mastodon.

Anyway, Mastodon was suspended too!

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