Elon Musk: This Is Actually Happening!


Elon Musk reposted a video on X with a simple statement: This is actually happening! Some community notes on the clip suggested it isn’t a problem since illegal immigrants don’t outnumber citizens in any state. It’s a pretty absurd obfuscation since we don’t need them to outnumber citizens physically for them to give Democrats their one-party rule!

And you’re paying for it!

When these people get amnesty, which Democrats have already demanded, they will eclipse citizens. They don’t need to have a larger population. In fact, Democrats have unified as many non-white people as they can to destroy “whiteness” and the values they think only apply to white people, like Christianity, math, good literature, justice, the Constitutional Republic, and so on.

Because of decades of illegal immigration, foreigners are deciding our future. It wouldn’t take many aliens to give Democrats a one-party state. It’s been the Democrats’ obvious goal for many years, and it is happening. They want the sole power so desperately they’ve allowed illegal alien criminals refuge in their sanctuary cities and towns, even states.

It will be Hell when they get their way. What they have to offer is criminals running loose, open borders, spending, high taxation, mutilated children, a bastardized justice system, no single-family homes or land ownership, and no constitutional rights, especially no 1st and 2nd Amendments.

Democrats will rue the day they voted for this.

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