Elon Musk Triples Down on His Comments About Soros


Elon Musk recently compared George Soros to Magneto on Twitter and stood his ground as he was hit with the anti-Semitic label, which is nonsense. Anti-Semitism is the label anyone gets if they dare criticize Mr. Soros’s far-far-left policies that he ramrods through.

George Soros

Elon Musk drew heat as an alleged anti-Semite for making the comparison. Magneto is the evil adversary of the X-Men in the Marvel comic book series. The character views himself as superior to humans and wants to replace them with mutants he calls homo superior. Magneto is a Holocaust survivor whose extreme methods and cynical philosophy derive from his determination to protect mutants from suffering a similar fate at the hands of a world that fears and persecutes mutants.

Well, Mr. Musk is not backing down. He doesn’t like authoritarianism and is being branded an anti-Semite and a far-right conservative [he is a moderate] for criticizing Soros.

The Twitter owner originally said he felt Soros funded many politicians and DAs who are soft even on violent crime.

That’s true. People are dying as a result. It’s not as if Mr. Soros hasn’t been accused of this before. He has defended it badly in at least one opinion piece he wrote on his blog. George claims we’ll see he’s right in time.

Musk doubled down:

Musk Triples Down

Elon Musk triples down in his most recent interview. The media doesn’t know why he shares this opinion – it’s so divisive [like them]. [Why does the media share their opinions in news articles?]

The question in this interview reminds him of a scene in The Princess Bride. “Offer me money, offer me power; I don’t care. If the consequence of that is losing money, so be it.”

CNN Speaks with Forked Tongue

Ironically, CNN blasted the news and called Mr. Musk an anti-Semite even as they promoted a woman who called him a “foreign-born villain” who is “replacing the US population.” [Does anyone in the media tell the truth?]

The Lying Media Tries to Say Elon Caused a Rise in Anti-Semitism

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