Elon Musk’s Brilliant Comparison of George Soros to Magneto


George Soros is a godless man who, as a 14-year-old Jewish boy, went to the doors of Jewish people in Germany, demanding their valuables. He was placed with a Christian family to save his life and was compelled to do so as his rescuers went door-to-door. He is a Holocaust survivor and now seeks to destroy society. We will let the therapists work that one out.

The only time he’s a devoted Jew is when someone dares challenge him as he destroys this nation by buying elections of presidents, representatives, senators, sheriffs, district attorneys, and attorneys general on the furthest left.

Soros tried to destroy Hungary. The sign in the photo below says, “Stop ‘meg’ Soros candidates.” Hungarians were smart and kicked his NGOs out. On the other hand, the US put him in the White House. His lieutenant Neera Tanden is now in charge of domestic US policy.

Picture of a billboard from Fidesz, the political party Hungarian PM Viktor Orban against the opposition, accusing it of being friends with billionaire George Soros, during the campaign for the 2018 parliament elections in Hungary

Elon Musk drew heat as an alleged anti-Semite for comparing Soros to Magneto. Magneto is the evil adversary of the X-Men in the Marvel comic book series. The character views himself as superior to humans and wants to replace them with mutants he calls homo superior. Magneto is a Holocaust survivor whose extreme methods and cynical philosophy derive from his determination to protect mutants from suffering a similar fate at the hands of a world that fears and persecutes mutants.

Musk’s comparison is brilliant.

Brian Krassenstein, a far-left blogger, responded to Musk, saying people assail Soros for his “good intentions.”

Musk responded, “You assume they are good intentions. They are not. He wants to erode the very fabric of civilization. Soros hates humanity.”

A strong case can be made for that as Soro pushes hard for wars and the destruction of American society.

People on the left think Musk has taken a “hard right turn.” Is that why his new CEO is a WOKE? Elon likes to think of himself as a “moderate.” He has a lot of common sense.

Elon Musk is attempting to give us back our free speech. He has shown us that the government colludes with the media to limit constitutional rights.

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