Global Elites Meet in Secret This Weekend Away from Prying Eyes


Bilderberg is meeting for a three-day seminar on AI and other world topics this weekend. It’s mostly shrouded in mystery, and the attendee list is kept secret, making them look suspicious. If the elites discuss how the world works and solutions to problems, shouldn’t they share it with the peasants? They don’t. There’s just a touch of arrogance in their approach. It’s all secret, as CNBC notes.

AI is the number one topic. The ChatGPT chief will meet with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, DeepMind head Demis Hassabis, and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the annual Bilderberg Meeting.

AI is fabulous and awesomely frightful in the wrong hands. The above left-wing people could be the wrong hands. Hopefully, they will discuss some universal monitoring and controls that will be much needed as AI becomes far more intelligent than human beings.

Elon Musk has called for a “pause” long enough to develop some rules. We don’t know if he is attending.

According to Protothema, about 130 participants from 23 countries are set to attend the private meeting. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, BP Chief Bernard Looney, TotalEnergies CEO Patrick Pouyanne, investor Peter Thiel and a number of EU politicians will also be there.

Around one-third of the attendees are from North America, and two-thirds are from Europe.

The topics they’ll discuss:

Banking system
Energy transition
Fiscal challenges
Industrial Policy and Trade
Transnational threats
U.S. leadership



Jim Tucker tirerlessly reported about Bilderberg, but his reporting was mostly dismissed.


According to Wikipedia, Jim Tucker (died 2013) was a sports journalist who became involved in politics and the Bilderberg meetings. He was not a fan.

Tucker said he was able to write the “advance story” on the downfall of Margaret Thatcher and, later, about the rise of Bill Clinton when he attended the Bilderberg meeting at Baden-Baden in Germany in 1991.

He said Thatcher was removed from office because she “didn’t like it [the one meeting of the Bilderbergs she attended]” and that as a result they “replaced her” with a trapeze artist from the same party.”

According to Tucker’s “close paraphrasing” of a conversation some years later, Thatcher told him it was “a tribute to be denounced by them” at a function in Washington. Thatcher actually attended at least three Bilderberg meetings.

Tucker’s efforts to infiltrate the 1999 Bilderberg meeting at the Hotel Caesar Park in Sintra, Portugal were chronicled by British reporter Jon Ronson in his book, Them: Adventures with Extremists and broadcast as part of Channel 4’s The Secret Rulers of the World series. Tucker told Ronson “They exist and they’re not playing pinochle in there.”

In 2005, Tucker wrote Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary published by the American Free Press where he was an editor, a book chronicling his thirty-plus years of exposing the Bilderberg Group.

After the 2006 Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa Tucker claimed that he “was able to report that in the year ahead many hundreds of thousands of American home owners would lose their homes”. Tucker said another person present remarked “the stupid jerks deserve it” while another responded to the comment by saying “That’s awful cruel.”

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