Embarrassing! Antifa types lock Portland Police in their own precinct


Protesters in Portland, Ore. early Wednesday locked police inside their own precinct, prompting a plea on Twitter to let them out. It’s what one can expect in a blue city.

A small group of possible Antifa demonstrators dressed in black block garb removed a flag from outside the doors to the Portland Police Bureau’s Central Precinct shortly after 11 p.m. They used the flag cord to keep a roll-up door from opening, effectively locking people inside.

“Some individuals are tampering with the entry and exit doors. This is a fire safety hazard causing a serious safety concern for those in the Justice Center. Remove the items now!,” said the early-morning tweet from the Portland Police’s official Twitter account.

And the reporter taped them doing it and lived to talk about it:

This was the same night:

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