Embittered Juliet Huddy Warns of New Allegations Against Fox Executives, Rupert Murdoch


Juliet Huddy, the fired Fox TV host finally got a job. She’s the left’s new messenger sent to dismantle Fox News and trash the President.

Juliet Huddy has been making the rounds on mainstream media TV over her sexual harassment allegations. She was interviewed by Megyn Kelly on NBC on her new show which has become a platform for Progressive women claiming harassment.

Huddy received a $1.5 million settlement for her accusations that Bill O’Reilly tried to date her and Fox let her go when she didn’t oblige.

She also claims Donald Trump tired to kiss her after a lunch more than a decade ago. She later said he kissed her on the lips in an elevator. O’Reilly and Trump deny the accusations.

The thrice-married Huddy was never a plus on Fox but her father was a prominent executive at Fox. During the Fox News channel’s purge of alleged harassers, her father was fired for some reason. Recently, her brother, the Jerusalem correspondent was also let go, but not for harassment.

She sent a tick tock tick tock Facebook message this week claiming there will be a big exposé on harassers at Fox. It came after Rupert Murdoch said on Friday that talk of further revelations was “nonsense” and the harassment allegations were “isolated incidents”.

Huddy wrote on Facebook and then Twitter, “Tick tock, tick tock. Executives who not only covered up for sexual harassers/predators (and believe me, I don’t use this word lightly) but WERE THEMSELVES are about to be exposed,” Huddy wrote.

“There are still men AND women working at Fox News who actively engaged in sexual harassment and/or subsequent coverup. And they occupy some of, if not THE, highest positions,” she added. “I know other women were targeted by these people (several of whom are part of my own experience).”

Huddy names Murdoch as a sexual harasser enabler, but said he was not accused of harassment.

Her response:

Never doubt the hatred of a woman scorned and who continually complains she can’t get another job. Maybe NBC will hire her as a bash-Fox commentator. Her tweets, interviews, and other efforts are aimed at destroying Fox. By her own admission on Twitter, she wanted to move on but “no more”.

Huddy is a liberal who is fiscally conservative and if she’s seen as wanting to irrevocably harm Fox, it’s because she does. Her twitter feed is filled with accolades from the left who are egging her on.

She is aiding and abetting the left led by David Brock and George Soros who want to keep Fox from obtaining the rest of Sky News. The left wants to kill it because Fox is conservative, the only conservative station at this time.

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