Emergencies and New and Returning Diseases Suddenly Causing Concerns


You might want to look at the new and returning diseases popping up. It seems unusual.

On August 4, 2022, the United States Health and Human Services declared Monkeypox a public health emergency. Before 2022 Monkeypox outbreaks were confined to small clusters, usually in Africa. Today we have more than 53,000 confirmed monkeypox infections worldwide. And it’s rising.

Wuhan experimented with Monkeypox last year.

Vaccinated New York State declared an emergency over polio, a disease the US eradicated in 1979.

The media is blaming unvaccinated Jewish people.

Children in thirty-three countries recently suffered from an outbreak of acute hepatitis cases of “unknown origin.” While they cause a very mild immune response, Dr. Fauci is experimenting with them for Gene Therapy use.

There’s also a Flu virus usually spread in pigs with its first human infection.

Marburg virus, which can cause hemorrhagic fever, is popping up in various African regions, especially Ghana. Hemorrhagic fever kills 90% of those who are infected. Wuhan has experimented with hemorrhagic fever.

Also, this flu season promises to be a bad one. Australia goes through its flu season first, and it is particularly intense. Highly COVID-vaccinated Australia reported its worst flu season in 5 years, with cases 3-5 times higher than average.

The flu shot works a little. So far, vaccines for every viral disease and cancer have not worked, including those for HIV and the cold.

A new strange form of pneumonia in Argentina seems to follow the Coronavirus pattern.

And, of course, coronavirus, which has mutated many times, is endemic.

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