ENORMOUS Shift in Latino Approval of the President in a Month


While Latinos still overwhelmingly plan to vote for Democrats, their views on the President’s leadership have changed dramatically in one month from the same pollsters. There was a 19-point swing in favor of the President’s job performance among Latino/a voters.

This article needs to be prefaced with the fact that the poll was overall unfavorable towards the President, but that could change quickly depending on how the border-shutdown situation turns out. This poll or survey has a plus or minus 3.8 points swing in accuracy and polled 9 percent more Democrats than Republicans.

The NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll released Thursday showed the significant gain probably due to the government shutdown over border wall funding. That is the variable that changed since the last poll in early December.

President Donald Trump’s approval rating among Latinos shot up nearly 20 points from December to January in a new poll, although they still feel he is doing too little to work with Democrats. If you ever listen to Latin media, like Univision, you would know why — Democrat Spanish media lies to them.


All the media is reporting is that the President’s overall favorability has sunk, but they conveniently left this information out. The President’s favorability with Latinos is at 50 percent, a figure that will undoubtedly alarm Democrats who are counting on them being their pawns.

It will turn Democrats in favor of the wall if this trend continues in polls.

The screenshot of the January poll:

The new poll represents a remarkable difference from the last poll in early December in which Latino adults gave the president a 31 percent approval rating. This new poll comes as the President is reviled in the media over the shutdown and the border wall.

Next is the last poll:

Latinos want to be safe also. Why would they want the criminals they fled from to move in next door?

The ongoing government shutdown began Dec. 22 after lawmakers could not agree on funding Trump’s border wall between the United States and Mexico. The first poll was earlier in December.


The Democrats lie constantly, and one of their favorite dishonest talking points is that ICE agents are racists. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the hardcore leftist, calls them agents of death.

More than 51 percent of our ICE agents are Latino, check out the border agent’s name in the clip below. A lot of the agents have accents – they are Hispanic. They come here to be Americans which sets them apart from many Democrats and some Republicans who are citizens.

The President is doing the right thing despite what the media says. It’s a tool he must use, and it is Democrats who won’t compromise. The President has already offered DACA in the past, but that didn’t mean a thing to them.

The Pentagon came out today and said climate change is a national security threat. They’re Obama embeds. That’s another distraction. The immediate threats are all these anonymous people pouring across our borders. Too many are criminals, some are terrorists, and a lot will be dependents.

Ask yourself who has the guts to risk his job [nonpaying job] to do the right thing?


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