Enraged Democrats Plan to Stack the Court


The Democrats are reacting badly to the possible news of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. They are using it as an excuse to renew demands to stack the Court.

Some Democrats have already spoken up. There are bills waiting to make it happen.

Senator Ed. Markey (MA) and Representative Jerry Nadler (NY) introduced a bill last year (the Judiciary Act of 2021) to “expand the Supreme Court from nine to 12 justices,” and last October, the White House established a commission “exploring potential reforms to the high court.”

The Left operatives on social media are falsely claiming Republicans stacked the Court.

The ‘protests’ planned outside the homes of the six conservative Justices are meant to threaten and intimidate them. If that doesn’t work, stacking the Court comes next.

When Justice Ketanje Brown Jackson was questioned about stacking the Court during her confirmation hearing, she dodged the question.

Democrats would ruin the country and the third branch of government. They would have total power to destroy free speech, gun rights, election laws, medical freedom, and everything else they hate about freedom.

They’re totalitarians and we’d better hope they lose in November.

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