Twitter’s Top Anti-Free Speech Executives Will Probably Get Axed


Elon Musk is reportedly expected to become Twitter’s temporary chief executive officer upon closing of his $44 billion deal to acquire the social media giant, Fox Business reports. Once in charge, he will likely axe top management, especially the anti-free speech censors.

Mr. Musk is expected to reduce managerial staff when he takes over. After disclosing plans to acquire the company earlier this month, Musk expressed “no confidence” in Twitter’s current management, NY Post reports.

So, who might go?


Mr. Musk has been critical of Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal’s approach to free speech, comparing him to the former premier of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin.

Also, the Tesla CEO is reportedly  planning to ax Twitter’s top chief counsel Vijaya Gadde.

Musk suggested in a tweet that he would be shaking up more leadership teams at Twitter.

On April 27, Musk tweeted: For Twitter to deserve public trust, it must be politically neutral, which effectively means upsetting the far right and the far left equally.

He also tweeted this:

He was referring to an interview with his head counsel Vijaya Gadde, Tim Pool, Jack Dorsey, and Joe Rogan. Tim Pool confronted Dorsey and Gadde about censoring conservatives.

Musk also implicitly criticized Gadde, Twitter’s top censor, by calling Twitter’s decision to block links to the New York Post’s coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop “obviously incredibly inappropriate.”

Gadde was then criticized by free speech supporters.  A top Twitter executive jumped in and defended Gadde, accusing Musk of “misogyny.”

Lara Cohen, Twitter’s global head of partners, shared messages of support for Leslie Berland. Berland is the company’s chief marketing officer who was caught in leaked audio suggesting that Musk’s plans for free speech put them in “a very difficult position.”

“Color me shocked SHOCKED that people are coming for two of our prominent female executives on day 1 of this thing,” Cohen tweeted late Tuesday.

Mr. Musk told investors he will reduce managerial staff to make Twitter leaner. He can start with Vijaya, Lara, Leslie, Parag. They’re not only anti-free speech, they will be troublemakers. All will get nice compensation packages.


She gaslighted everyone and cried when it became clear that Musk would take over.

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