NY’s Climate Action Plan, High Costs, Unreliable Energy – Soon


As Biden’s EPA plans oppressive regulations on the nation’s power plants, New York State moves ahead with its Climate Action Plan. They finalized its Scoping Plan last December. It calls for zero emissions by 2040, an unrealistic goal. As reliable energy decreases, costs will skyrocket.

New York thinks it can get rid of fossil fuels through electrification alone. They will make us reliant on unreliable solar and wind, which are, in turn, reliant on China for parts and rare metals.

What they are talking about is fully centrally planned and controlled electric power, and electric only. Our grid can’t handle it, but that seems to be relegated to the bin of faith and hope by the unserious planners.


The left calls it cleaner energy, but they must have missed the Africans digging for rare materials with children. As for clean, electric still depends on fossil fuels.

The cost of electricity will be extremely high over the next 17 years. This is madness. Over the next 17 years, the cost of all this will be at least in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

In just seven years, Gov. Hochul wants fossil fuels reduced by 40 percent. She will favor minorities. White people should get out of New York.

Hochul said, “As we work to drive down polluting emissions across the board, we must make sure that those who have already suffered from environmental injustice no longer bear an unfair share of the burden.

“Our ambitious Cap-and-Invest Program sets a cap on greenhouse gas emissions and shares the revenues with New Yorkers from disadvantaged communities to help cover utility bills, transportation costs, and decarbonization efforts. Through our innovative efforts, we will create a cleaner, greener future while helping New Yorkers with the costs of the transition,” Hochul said.

The rest of us must pay for a cap-and-trade scam in our one-party state.


If New York used nuclear, they could pull it off, but without it, it’s just another fantasy from the environmentalists. They haven’t planned for energy storage, and they don’t have the grid to handle it. That’s only touching on the problems. Their lack of planning without a grid backup could take pages to explain.

The question for me is how much damage and costs will have to happen before the incompetents in charge realize it.

Mr. Francis Menton of The Manhatttan Contrarian blog, asked the planners of the Scoping Plan, how are you going to back up solar and wind since wind doesn’t always blow and there is no sun at night. They haven’t even caclculated how much storage they will need.

He told the ‘planners’ who are implementing the plan without a feasability study:

You’re going to need at least 10,000 GWH of storage to back up just current usage if you replace a fossil fuel generation with wind and solar. At the price of Tesla batteries, that will run you about $1.5 trillion, which is approximately the entire GDP of New York State. If you triple electricity consumption by electrifying vehicles and homes, then you must triple the storage, and it will cost at least 3 times GDP. And by the way, you need a battery that can store electricity all the way from summer to winter without all the energy dissipating and then discharge over the course of months. No existing battery can do that.

He explained why enormously costly hydrogen is not the answer, and then went on to the global context and China in particular. The ‘planners’ are talking about building 9GW of massive turbines offshore while China’s building 47GW of coal-powered plants this year alone.  Africa is expected to have 2 billion people by 2100 and they plan to build their economy on coal.

Any emissions the US reduces will be insignificant in the global context.

Please go to Francis Menton’s testimony to the incompetent Scoping Planners to read what he has to say in its entirety. It’s not a long piece and he has much more about it on his website.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

Even if New York State managed to find the $4 or $5 Trillion to buy those batteries, after 10 years the batteries would need to be replaced.

Then the toxic and flamable chemicals in those batteries ( all those batteries would use as much space as a town) would have to be either disposed of or recycled, both would cost a lot in money and in environment damage.

Solar panel after 20 to 25 years also need to be replaced, they also are made with toxic chemicals hard to separate, hard to recycle…

Wind mills last about 20 years and as many of you know already, the propellers are made of non recyclable ( or extremely hard to recycle ) things such as fiberglass, and are simply put into the ground once they are finished.

” green” energy is not green at all

it is worse than petrol

1 month ago

Tidal Energy, while complex, is far more reliable than Wind and Solar. Two Stage Tidal systems can produce power 24/7. Wind and Solar is not scalable or reliable. It’s fine for remote locations and homes where people can modify their life style around Power Generation. Wind and Solar is not for a 24/7 Industrial Nation.

In my case, I have enough solar and batteries to maintain my minimal needs. During the Summer when I have excesses, I will use it to mine Crypto, since it’s the only way to make Crypto break even right now. Worse case, I can pull the power I may need from the Grid and in a Crisis like a Hurricane, I have a Generator for supplemental power. If you have Solar and Wind, you MUST HAVE Supplemental Power Sources. The most cost effective way to do that would be Fossil Fuels. The only real Large Scale Industrial “Clean” Power is Nuclear. Nuclear is inefficient as a large scale supplemental power source

The Free Market knows and understands all this, Stupid “Educated” people in Government can’t figure this out. An Education does not make you smart! Democrats are always talking about the Rich paying their fair Share, but the Hundreds of Billion in Tax Breaks for Green Energy only benefit the Rich. The lower 50% of United States Tax payers can’t take advantage of EV, Solar, and Wind Tax Breaks. So who are the Democrats really representing? It’s not the average American. The Rich are creating the back bone of a New World Order Feudal Society subsidized by Government tax breaks . They will have Localized Wind and Solar resources and backup, but the masses will have to depend on unreliable Electricity which will ensure they are stuck in a 3rd World existence.

Jerry Mander
Jerry Mander
1 month ago

When does New York City become the capitol of the United North American Continent? This can’t be too far off.

1 month ago

Klaus Schwab and Soros must be laughing their butts off

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

The USA is a failed nation which is doomed. The deliberate failures come from several major directions. To not see it can be called myopia.

Jerry Mander
Jerry Mander
1 month ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

No, it’s not a failed nation, it’s a failed experiment. Big difference. The concept of “democracy”, individual freedom, equal rights, is what’s failed. The world long ago merged into one big marketplace and governments have had to conform to an overall standard for many decades now in order to keep up with the progress of others. We individuals have become ciphers, averages, actuarial tables. The alarms were sounding on this back in the early 60’s, there were cartoons about it in Playboy Magazine.
This isn’t a failure, this is the plan.

1 month ago
Reply to  Jerry Mander

Jerry, humans are now cannon fodder, but necessary ATM machines they intend to get rid of. Why would they want to get rid of their ATM machines.