EPA Usurps Congress’s Role to Kill Fossil Fuels


The EPA, without Congress or the permission of the American people, just sentenced fossil fuels to death. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Biden agency’s new rule means the end of natural gas-fueled electricity.

The Inflation Reduction Act didn’t have enforcement actions, so the Biden administration used the EPA to take care of that. They are circumventing Congress.

The 681-page Environmental Protection Agency proposed rule that amounts to a death sentence for fossil-fuel power plants, says the Journal.

The rule forces a generation shift in electric power to renewables from coal. This is after the Supreme Court rejected it in the Clean Power Act.

Basically, the Biden regime is ignoring the Supreme Court and Congress. This is tyranny.

“Section 111 of the Clean Air Act says the EPA can regulate pollutants from stationary sources through the “best system of emission reduction” that is “adequately demonstrated.” Yet the EPA wants to require that fossil-fuel plants adopt carbon capture and green hydrogen technologies that aren’t currently cost-effective or feasible, and may never be. Only one commercial-scale coal plant in the world uses carbon capture to reduce emissions, and no gas-fired plants do.

“Even if power plants implemented carbon capture, their cost of generation would double, rendering them less competitive against subsidized wind and solar power. There’s also the not-so-small problem of permitting. Thousands of miles of pipelines would have to be built to transport carbon to geologic structures where it can be injected.”

A dictator and unelected bureaucrats in executive agencies rule over us. The American people have nothing to say about any of this.

Read more here.

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