ACLU Files Suit to Set No Limits to ‘Asylum’


The ACLU filed a lawsuit in federal court in California Thursday aiming to block a Biden administration policy to set limits to asylum [per US policy until Biden]. The lawsuit states the Biden Administration has “doubled down on its predecessor’s cruel asylum restrictions.”

“The policy, set to take effect late Thursday, limits asylum from migrants who cross through a third country on the way to the U.S. and do not seek protections on the way to the southern border.

That is US law. Asylum seekers are to seek refuge in the country closest to theirs.

“The ACLU, along with the UC Hastings Center for Gender and Refugee Studies and the National Immigrant Justice Center, wrote in the filing that the new policy was unlawful,” reporter Aleazsiz writes.

The Biden administration assumes every illegal alien is an asylum seeker while they know very few are, according to US law.

The ACLU, back to its Soviet activism, is demanding open borders and winning with progressive judges. According to the ACLU, it’s cruel for the United States to have borders.

Americans, governors, and Congress no longer have a say over who comes into the country or how they come in. The ACLU and media have a say. George Soros, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden have a say. We no longer have a working Constitution.

No limits as warnings of dangerous alliens coming through.
No Limits

LA Times’s Hamed Aleaziz reports that “a federal court judge in Florida has BLOCKED the Biden administration from releasing migrants from Border Patrol custody without court notices under a memo signed this week.

“The block is in effect tonight and will last for two weeks. Expect the Biden admin to appeal. The Biden administration declared in court earlier today that without the release policy and other measures, there could be 45,000 migrants in custody by the end of the month. As of Wednesday, there were more than 28,000 in custody – already way over.”

Actually, they already appealed.


A reporter at, Mary Margaret Olohon, videotaped the illegals pouring in and climbing onto buses. Progressives in the administration will keep the borders open until there are so many; they will have power in numbers to demand amnesty. They will vote Democrat and give us a one-party State with Democrats ruling over us.

Out Border Patrol is forced to do paperwork and load them onto buses.

They’re coming through every possible entry point, and they keep coming.

Texas is telling them to not come.

They Broke Through Violently in El Paso

Here come the new American Democrats. Biden is not stopping any of this, but Border Patrol is working to maintain the orderly flow. The Biden administration has assisted Mexican officials in bringing them all in, allegedly orderly.

Barricades were used for a while, but then they burst through. Go to Border Report for live cameras.

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