NY ER Shuttered After Unvaxxed Staff Firings-Thanks ‘Job Creator’ Joe


As you can see, it’s a long beach.

The city of Long Beach, NY faces a major crisis as Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate has shuttered the only emergency room in the city.

Biden said he is known as a job creator. Well, that was a lie or he’s delusional, which is certainly a possibility.

Even though the facility sees over 70,000 patients per year, Biden’s strict mandate forced the hospital to fire more than 6 dozen healthcare workers for the crime of not being vaccinated. They are heroes no more.

“The hospital says they lost 6 dozen healthcare employees today, all unvaccinated workers who had been allowed to stay on the job with religious exemptions. But New York’s department of health withdrew those exemptions as of today, and that created a shortage of ER nurses here,” reported Newsday.

The nearest emergency room is twenty minutes away, enough time to kill a lot of people. It’s a barrier island and it takes longer to get around. In bad weather, it’s more of a challenge.


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