Was a Second Trump Supporter Murdered on J6–Watch the Clips


The family of a woman killed on January 6th, Rose Boyland, allegedly by police, has been denied her full autopsy report by the DC Medical Examiner’s office and The Department of Justice.

The Government of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department also denied the family of Rosanne Boyland the video footage they have showing her death after her father filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain it.

We were told Ms. Boyland was crushed to death. Then we were told she died of a drug overdose. If any of the is true, why not hand over the full autopsy and available videos?

Was she the second Trump supporter murdered on J6? It looks like they are beating her to death. I have seen this clip but not so well done.

The people in this clip were allowed into the Capitol by the police. Why are they imprisoned for trespassing or parading or halting a government process? I have seen this clip also.

This next clip is horrible. They are screaming she’s “f-cking dying…she’s dead…it’s on you Mother F-kers…” I have actually seen this video and have it on this site.

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