Eric Adams Said God Told Him to Be Mayor & Now He’s Firing 4,000 Workers


New York’s new mayor Eric Adams loves to pose for pointless photo-ops and blather about himself. This is as the city sinks under rising crime. Apparently, in his spare time, he also talks to God.

Politico reported that the mayor “declared that his rise to the mayoralty was driven by God.” He was launching a faith-based initiative at City Hall when he made the comment. So much for the separation of church and state. For Democrats, it appears to depend on what gets them votes.

“I never doubted it for one moment,” he said, of one day becoming mayor of the Big Apple. “God told me, ‘Eric, you’re going to be mayor.’”

I think he misheard. God told him to not become mayor. Either that or it was actually the guy with the horns.

Homelessness soars in New York City as he gives a plant-based cooking lesson.

“I’m the mayor of New York, and I’m perfectly imperfect,” Adams said last week.

He also said on Thursday, “There are days that the perfect people are going to judge me and tell me how to do it better. But I know and you know — they’re not the mayor.”

He is also good friends with Zhan “Johnny” Petrosyants, a reformed money launderer.

In December, prior to taking office, Adams traveled to Ghana for a “spiritual journey,” much like Barack Obama did in 2009 — the trip coming amid the height of the Omicron scare, though Adams may have felt God was watching over him since he had already informed him of what was ahead, Politico reported.

Adams thinks he’s the new Obama.

Stupid photo op

Did God tell him to call white officers, “crackas?”

Did God also tell him to put 4,000 people out of work for no good reason after they got the city through the pandemic? He put more people into poverty.

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