Eric Holder threatens GOP with a stacked court if they fill the seat


As it becomes clear that every Democrat leader promoted filling the Supreme Court seat in 2016, the final year, Eric Holder found a new excuse to not fill the seat. But I don’t see this flying.

Holder said it’s too close to the election — voting has begun.

Who cares? No one should even be voting this early. We should Election Day, period. It’s rich hearing Holder call the GOP hypocrites as he does in the clip below. The GOP can’t get close to the hypocrisy of the left. Holder claims in the clip that it was okay to support filling the position because it wasn’t this close to the election.

Holder gives us reason to get it done now:

If the GOP does lose the Senate as Holder suggests in the clip, then that is all the more reason to do it now.

After Russia, impeachment, riots, Ukraine, Kavanaugh, resistance, who the hell cares what they think?

Eric Holder is also threatening the GOP with a stacked court:

Democrats will attempt to stack the court anyway. They have no intention of following the Constitution. Their plan is to put the pedal to the metal. Democrats want their way in all things at all times. There is no compromise with Stalinists or Marxist-Leninists. That is now who they are.

Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski announced they will not vote for a nominee until a new president is in place. There are several others who might bow out. Clearly, they are not Republicans. We now have to worry about Mitt Romney, Cory Gardner, Chuck Grassley, and others no doubt.

If Republicans don’t vote to fill the seat, they are useless and not Republicans. They must realize this is our one chance to get an edge.

This is a dereliction of duty. They must know that a 4-4 Court during this election will likely cause a constitutional crisis.

If they won’t even do this after years of their kowtowing to Democrats, what good are they? What possible use do we have for them? They might as well be Democrats.

Democrats like Holder are threatening Republicans and the only thing they should do is fight back. As we are in the throes of a revolution, giving in to riots, whining, straw men arguments, and fake protocol is unacceptable. They will lose it all if they do.

The GOP holds the presidency and the Senate. The seat is theirs to fill! Their electorate demands they do it.

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